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Sculptural hardware adds a finishing touch to cabinetry

When it comes to cabinetry, the hardware can make all the difference. In fact, hardware can transform cabinetry from traditional to modern — and any style in between. Local designer Marion Cage’s collection of handcrafted fine cabinetry hardware combines her background in industrial design, jewelry and architecture, resulting in gorgeous pieces of art. From initial sketch to finely tuned prototype, Cage and her team craft cabinetry hardware that explores the relationship between material, craftsmanship and technology. Cage uses the traditional method of lost-wax casting and then hand-finishes each piece at the jeweler’s bench. Each of her designs balances the warmth and organic qualities of noble materials — including bronze, brass and exotic hardwoods — with the utmost precision of superior craftsmanship. Cage found inspiration for her newest collection, Narmada, in the sculptural beauty of Shiva lingam stones that are naturally carved in the bed of the Narmada river in northern India. Embodying forms often found in nature, Narmada features a juxtaposition of materials such as cast metal, carved wood and stone. In addition to her existing collections, Cage welcomes the opportunity to create bespoke versions of existing designs for clients.

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