Byron Veal

WHO: Byron Veal, artisan.

WHAT: I offer exterior stucco wall systems in multiple textures, colors and finishes. I also provide interior plaster systems, replications of moldings, medallions, sconces [and so forth].

WHERE: Uptown, Garden District, CBD, French Quarter and Old Metairie.

WHEN: In 2007, Detailed Plastering & Stucco Systems became the new kid on the block within the plaster restoration and stucco application community. Our clients include actors, NFL players and other celebrities.

HOW: I started out as a laborer, learning from the ground up. I was taught by elite artisans how to cast balusters and make cement rails. It was easier to grasp the less demanding wall systems as an apprentice. Replications and duplications all came with the craft.

WHY: I actually was a troubled kid, into the wrong lifestyle. A friend’s brother at the time owned a plastering company and I committed my life to this trade. God has his way of commanding the journey of a man. That journey has developed into a love.

IN YOUR WORDS: For some, a visualization of a finished product is difficult. I on the other hand see finishes and textures, almost as musical notes. I look forward to a client’s smile at the end of a project. I find it amazing that I’m a grown man who gets paid to play in mud. There is not one scroll or crack repair I’ve forgotten.