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Design Master: Jose Alvarez


Jose Alvarez

WHO: Jose Alvarez, principal at Eskew Dumez Ripple (EDR).

WHAT: At EDR we build places for people, our work enhances lives. We craft beautiful buildings that celebrate their native places, providing a framework for the life that occurs within and around them.

WHERE: Since 1989, we have worked, lived, and played in New Orleans, one of the most complex and culturally rich places in the United States. Our home serves as a constant inspiration for our work, reminding us what it means to connect deeply with a place while maintaining a global outlook.

WHEN: Established in 1989, EDR has transformed from a local firm doing nationally recognized work to a national firm that has retained its local roots.

HOW: We celebrate design’s ability to solve problems. We listen to our clients and see them as collaborators in the design process. We seek to draw out a common vision from a diversity of voices.

WHY: Design is powerful. As designers, we play an indispensable role in realizing a more equitable future. Good design is also a collaborative act. For a project to serve and empower its community, the voices of that community must be heard and integrated into the design process.

IN YOUR WORDS: It’s now more than 20 years since I came to New Orleans (from Caracas) to complete my Master of Architecture at Tulane University. Little I knew that I would meet architect and mentor Allen Eskew, fulfill my professional career, work with amazing people, meet the love of my life and fall in love with this wonderful city.

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