Kirsten Gaiennie

WHO: Kirsten Gaiennie, co-owner Sazerac Stitches.

WHAT: Small lighting and design studio that designs and makes everything by hand.

WHERE: The design studio is in the Lower Garden District, 1218 Annunciation St.

WHEN: Started in 2012 by Kirsten and her husband, Matthew Gaiennie.

HOW: Neither of us have a design background and we couldn’t afford to furnish our own home with the types of lighting we coveted. After a lot of research and a several DIY attempts, we created a chandelier design. That evolved into other chandelier designs, then sconces, then some decorative home accents. Experimentation is an ongoing process for us.

WHY: Creating is highly addictive. Pairing colors, shapes, textures and modeling them out into a functional item is rewarding even when a design is a failure. However custom design shouldn’t be exorbitantly expensive. Our goal is to mix affordability with custom design.

IN YOUR WORDS: Lighting is often referred to as “jewelry for a room.” It can be in your face, a subtle accent or be the design inspiration for the rest of the room. However, it shouldn’t be considered “one size fits all” and customization should be available at a lower price point.