Designing Women (and Men)

Unless allergies are involved, there aren’t many people who don’t enjoy flowers. Despite the variety of aromas and vast array of colors, most of us somehow even pick a favorite. Fresh flowers and elegant arrangements are of course a big part of most weddings. From bouquets to boutonnieres and centerpieces, floral designers play an integral part in creating the overall theme and feel of a couple’s wedding day.  

Diane Mouton, owner of Fat Cat Flowers in New Orleans, has been creating gorgeous arrangements for years, ensuring each couple gets the flowers of their dreams.

Mouton is now opening up her studio to host professionals and amateurs alike, while sharing her talents and expertise, for floral arrangement classes.

“We believe our environment should be one where learning is encouraged, creativity is celebrated, and skills are developed,” reads the Fat Cat Flowers website.

“Let Them Eat Cake” recently attended one of Mouton’s classes. First, we were greeted with wine and cheese, and in our experience, no bad event starts with wine and cheese.

Mouton taught participants about the flowers and other foliage being used, and empowered the class to make creative decisions and experiment, even if that meant a mistake or two. She was a wonderful motivator, assuring us that there were no wrong decisions when it comes to arrangements, while at the same time gently steering us away from steps that could have lead to not-so-great results.  

Mouton also offers off-site classes for those looking to book a private lesson, which is perfect for a bride or maid of honor looking to have a different type of bridal party experience. You can even plan a class before an engagement party or bridal shower and use the arrangements made for centerpieces. It is a fun activity to do as a group and allows for your work to be on display in front of friends and family.

There are three arrangement options for classes, each costing the participant a different amount. Guests can choose from the options of succulent garden, vase arrangement or flower crown for a class of up to 12 people in studio (or a minimum of eight participants).

Designing Women (and Men)
*LTEC writer Kelly Massicot proudly displaying her own arrangement


For more information on the arrangement classes, visit the Fat Cat Flowers website.



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