After months of remote working or schooling, your home workspace — whether a standalone office or corner carve-out — might be ready for a refresh.

According to Victoria Tran, owner and organizer at local organizing company Sorted, the key to a clean office is continuous culling. “Things pile up easily,” says Tran. “Once a pile is too large, it is often daunting for people to deal with, so it becomes a disorganized mess quickly.”

Tran recommends a weekly “reset” to pare down anything that can be shredded, scanned and stored electronically or discarded. The remaining items head to “short-term filing”: a clear acrylic bin with categorized hanging files (e.g., house, school and one for each family member). Longer-term filing, like official documents and mementos, can be stored in less convenient spots to keep the desk area clear.

Don’t forget sunny details like houseplants or rainbow-organized books. As Tran says, “A space that makes you happy will increase your productivity and decrease your stress.”



Sleek surface
If your office style is more minimalist than mahogany, look for a desk with slim lines and a smaller visual footprint, like this Allure model, available through Villa Vici. Drawers keep essentials in close reach but out of sight. Tran recommends clear acrylic drawer sorters and removing office supplies from their boxes and packaging, so they are easy to spot and organize.



Sitting pretty
Home office chairs don’t have to be clunky or corporate. Pair clean lines, like this classic Eames design, with eye-catching upholstery.



Skip the stacks
A vertical desktop sorter keeps urgent to-dos top of mind. According to Tran, things that can be taken care of in under 5 minutes, like RSVPs, bills or school paperwork, should be handled and discarded ASAP.



Everything in its place
A bookcase with cubby compartments can provide personalized storage spaces for individual family members and a home for long-term filing. Use attractive baskets or bins to keep cubbies tidy.