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Last week, we talked about how the couple of a wedding we attended pulled off a flawless unplugged ceremony. In the age of a new iPhone every five days, cellphones and other technology has become an issue at wedding ceremonies. The couple gets their photos back and, without fail, there are cellphones scattered throughout the crowd, instead of the guests being present and a part of the couple’s new journey.

However, because a couple has an unplugged ceremony, that doesn’t mean they, or their guests, can’t take the coveted wedding reception selfie to a whole next level.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to amp up your “plugged in” reception.


  • Charging StationsDigital Get Down

            Set up different areas around your reception with multiple phone chargers. Make sure to get all shapes and types for each kind of phone. This gives your guests an extra incentive to document your Big Day and it’s party to the fullest.


  • Selfie Area

            Create an area in your reception dedicated to picture taking. In can be in addition to a photo booth, but this area is specifically for selfies and candid photos. Provide selfie sticks or a stand they can put their phone in and snap away. Add fun backgrounds or even life-size cutouts of the couple for the ultimate wedding snapshot.


  • Social Media RemindersDigital Get Down

            While encouraging this level of guest photography and social media, make sure to remind your guests of your Snapchat geofilter and/or couple hashtag. You can even add your own social media handles so your guests can tag you and your new husband or wife, and so you can enjoy and reminisce while looking at every picture you’re tagged in.


Keeping the devices away for your ceremony ensures gorgeous, phone-free shots of your special moment. But this doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t amp up the volume while you’re partying down at the reception.

Did you have an unplugged ceremony and a plugged in reception? 




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