It’s not unusual for many of us to give up alcohol for Lent. Are you in that number? If so, there are several bars that are making it a breeze to get thorough the 40-day Lenten season. 

Don't miss out just because you're not drinking. You can still meet up for cocktails without giving up on your alcohol-free challenge by trying a mocktail. 

A mocktail, as many of us know, is a non-alcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices or other soft drinks. 

When looking for non-alcoholic drinks, you might not see them on the menu, but don’t be shy about asking the bartender to mix something up for you. 

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 (321 N. Peters St.) is a good place to find good non-alcoholic tiki drinks. The team there can whip up creative drinks that use awesome flavors and ingredients to make sure you don’t feel left out. 

Bar Tonique (820 Rampart St.) is a cozy tavern that uses several juices, house made syrups and bitters to make a tasty mocktail concoction. In a place known for creative craft cocktails, bartenders are happy to leave out the booze and make an interesting libation. 

SoBou (310 Chartres St.) has several ways to quench your thirst during Lent. Using fruits, herbs, honey and other great ingredients to shake things up, this team of bar chefs is ready for the non-drinker who wants to still enjoy a night out. 

Fulton Alley (6600 Fulton St.) is a boutique bowling alley with a fabulous cocktail menu. Drinks are carefully curated and can be made without being spiked. Be sure to ask the bartender to make it a strike when it comes to serving you a flavorful and fun drink that will leave you without a buzz. 

These of course are just a few places in a city full of fantastic watering holes. But keep in mind, most bars and restaurants will gladly accommodate your 40-day detox. And the good news here is, usually, mocktails are less expensive than regular cocktails.   

A word of advice, be ready if others to react when they hear you aren’t drinking. Some may say “just one won’t hurt.”  But in a city that is said to have invented the cocktail, turns out we can also make great mocktails, too.   

So, here’s to sticking to your plan and remember you can still drink for fun without the alcohol. Cheers!