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Do you need a Wedding Content Creator?

Couples are hiring creators to make Instagram-worthy photos and TikTok trend videos

The origin of content creators can be traced back to the beginning of social media and its influence on consumers. For more than a decade, and exploding popularity in the last few years, the world has consumed content on social media at increasingly excessive rates. From the latest in fashion trends to home DIY projects and everything between, there is a space for it on social media. When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020 and everyone was bound to their homes for the unforeseeable future, social media use surged — especially on the app TikTok — as did the role of content creators and influencers in our lives.

That said, content creators have been hired for various purposes for many years. Those trusted advisors that know all the trending topics, aesthetics, music, dances and more are there to help you or your business reach its full potential across the ever-changing social landscape.

But does a wedding need a content creator?

Many content creators are offering their services to brides and grooms to add a nice little bow to the end of their wedding experience.

But what does that job look like? And is it necessary?

Wedding content creators have been available for hire for years, but more are popping up following the rise in social media popularity. With TikTok trending upwards at surprising rates and setting the tone for the other social media sites, it stands to reason that weddings are the source of trends throughout user’s “for you” pages.

A wedding content creator enables the couple to get all those Instagram-worthy shots and TikTok trend videos without a worry or taking celebratory time away from a family member or friend by assigning the job to them.

Additionally, a wedding content creator can insure your vendors are tagged appropriately and get those more intimate shots and videos that are from the point of view of a guest rather than a hired professional like a photographer or videographer.

Another plus about this type of vendor is that it’s not widely practiced among couples yet, so finding someone and creating a plan tailored to your wants and needs is still an option, rather than picking from a list of pre-made packages.


Kelly here:

When sitting down to write this blog, I thought my opinion would immediately be in favor on hiring such professional. But after looking into the idea, I’m not sure I’m completely sold. We couldn’t find any local creators available for such a task, which posed one problem, but those creators we did find outside of the city didn’t offer much that you wouldn’t find from a guest with a good iPhone — other than a solidified plan and a breakdown of what the couple would get, which could be ideal for any hyper-organized brides or grooms.


Even with the hesitation, we think anyone hired to make your wedding a more special event is a good idea no matter what their profession, it would however be up to the couple to screen candidates and be specific about your wants and needs.


Did you employ someone to make sure your Big Day social media was taken care of? Let us know. Email kelly@myneworleans.com!

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