We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words – and wedding pictures are worth even more, providing lifelong keepsakes that capture the precious moments. Celeste Mackenroth of Dream Catcher photography develops friendships with her clients and emphasizes the quality of her work.

“I try to get to know my brides and grooms so they are relaxed and comfortable with me the day of the wedding,” she says. “I talk with my brides about their itinerary for the day and how to pull off the day of their dreams without stressing out.”

How long have you been a wedding photographer, and what inspired you to go into this field? I have been a wedding photographer for eight years. I have always enjoyed photography and remember the Christmas that I got my very first camera – I was 7. Then one night I helped another wedding photographer with a wedding. I was just along to carry the bags. The music of the ceremony began, the first bridesmaid started up the aisle, I picked up the camera and I immediately thought, “Wow, I want to do this!” I have been shooting weddings ever since.

How does wedding photography compare to other types of photography? Wedding photography is fast-paced, and you get one chance to get it right! One of the questions that almost every couple asks is “How much time do we have to spend taking group shots?” Your photographer has to be quick on their feet. Other types of photography allow for more time for your shots and less pressure.

What are some current trends in wedding photography that you’ve noticed? Vivid photographs are hot right now! Lots of color. And I’m seeing lots of brides that are so creative – they’re making beautiful keepsake items for their bridesmaids.

How many photos should a couple have taken of them on their wedding day?
For me, there’s no limit to the number of photos that I take on a wedding day. I do, however, have a general list of “must-have photos” that I make sure to get. There are a lot of things that can affect the number of photos, including number of wedding guests, number of attendants, daytime or nighttime wedding, live band or DJ, etc. I also ask my brides to provide me a list of people that they want a photo with. I tell my brides to try to make that list while they’re writing out their invitations. There is nothing worse than the day after your wedding realizing that you didn’t have a picture taken with someone that’s very important to you.

What else should brides know before the big day, in terms of photography?
I think there are two things a bride should realize. First thing is to be on time. I cannot stress that enough. Make sure you have enough time scheduled for hair and make-up and time for your photographs. And, secondly, you get what you pay for! These days everyone has a friend who takes good pictures. Wedding photography is so much more than just taking a nice picture. Your professional photographer can keep a clear head.

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