With more people going back to work and traveling, pet care solutions are as important as ever. Whether your pet needs walking, boarding, medication or simply some extra love while you’re away, these local companies, apps and products help take the stress out of leaving your fur baby alone. 

Cat Sitters

Crate Escape 

Crate Escape offers cat-sitting services for kittens, and adult and senior cats, with the same sitter so your pet can bond with just one person. Cat sitting is offered for 15, 30 or 60 minutes with water, food and litter box refreshing; play time; medication (as needed); and a detailed report with check-in and check-out alerts. Overnight cat sitting also is available for those with a monthly subscription. Crate Escape also offers walking, sitting and boarding for dogs. 583-2699, crateescapenola.com

The Kitty Butler 

The Kitty Butler also offers daily cat sitting services that include water, food and litter box refreshing; medication; playtime and TLC. Visits last no less than 30 minutes, and owner Danny Venezia goes the extra mile to water plants and bring in the mail. Venezia requires a free meet and greet prior to booking so that he can learn more about a cat’s needs. 617-710-9011, thekittybutler.com

Nonie’s Pet Care 

Insured, bonded and background-screened, Nonie’s Pet Care offers pet care for small animals (such as bunnies, hamsters and turtles), plus daily and overnight cat and dog sitting and walking. Detailed visit reports include activities completed during the visit, mapped walking routes and photos of your pet. 975-2079, noniespetcare.com

Dog Gone

Crescent City Cat Sitters 

Offering pet sitting solely for cats, Crescent City Cat Sitters offers a staff of experienced and professional sitters for daily in-home pet care. The company is bonded and insured and offers a progress report after each visit. Set up a complimentary 30-minute meet and greet and choose one of three levels of care: basic (15-minute visit); standard (30 minute visit); or plus (one-hour visit). Each level includes water, food and litter box refreshing, plus mail collection, while the Standard and Plus levels include other added bonuses like plant-watering and more quality time with minou. 264-1985, crescentcitycatsitters.com

Pet Au Pair of New Orleans 

Offering daily and overnight sitting for cats and dogs (plus dog walking), Pet Au Pair of New Orleans has a staff of pet handlers who are insured, bonded and trained in pet first aid, emergency techniques and animal CPR. The company serves neighborhoods between the Warehouse District and Audubon Park and offers referrals to other pet professionals outside of that area. 744 Toledano St., 344-0440, petaupairnola.com


With the Tractive GPS tracker and accompanying app, pet parents can monitor their cat or dog on a map without a distance limit. Besides allowing users to locate their pet, the app also allows for real-time tracking.

Whistle offers GPS tracking and other smart devices for pets that connect to an app. The Whistle Health Limited Edition device uses sophisticated AI to track a dog’s emotions and translate their behavior into daily health insights, while the  Whistle Health & GPS device provides health AI and GPS tracking updates every 15 seconds. 

With the Cat Buddy – My Cat File and First Aid app, pet parents can track a cat’s weight, medications, vaccinations, allergies, vet information and more. The app also offers basic cat first aid instructions, and allows users to record a cat’s milestones and add pictures. 

The DogLog app allows users to coordinate and track pet-related activities with family, dog walkers and pet sitters; create custom events; access reminders for medicine and appointments; and analyze data to spot trends and reinforce routines.

My Pet is a great app for creating a medical record (for one or multiple pets) to track weight, allergies, vaccinations, medications, grooming, expenses and more. The app also provides tips and advice, and allows for sharing with a veterinarian with the My Pet cloud. 

The PetDiabetes Tracker app allows users to monitor and track the symptoms of a pet’s diabetes, plus log information such as food and water consumption, and blood glucose levels. The app also features reminders for routine monitoring, insulin injections and purchases, and veterinarian appointments. 

The Rover app connects users with pet caretakers who provide dog walking, boarding, house sitting, drop-in visits and more. Verified reviews also allow users to choose a caretaker who is the perfect match for their pet. 

The Dog Monitor app can turn any two iOS or Android devices into a full-featured pet monitor. Pet parents can then check on and talk to their dog or cat remotely and see live video.

Pet Daycare & Boarding

Canine Connection 

Offering doggy daycare, boarding and grooming, Canine Connection also boasts 24-hour staffing, multiple outdoor play areas, private suites with outdoor patios and a doggy swimming pool. An added bonus is the web cam service, allowing owners to check on their pets at any time during their stay. The company also regularly supports local shelters and rescue groups throughout the year. 4920 Tchoupitoulas St., 218-4098, canineconnectionnola.com

Camp Bow Wow 

Also offering doggy daycare, boarding and grooming, Camp Bow Wow has large climate-controlled play yards that allow Fido to interact with other pups (which owners can watch via web cam). The company also offers reward-based training classes for dogs of every behavior level. The Certified Camp Counselors also are certified in pet first aid and CPR, and medication administration is included at no additional cost. Meanwhile, the company’s Bow Wow Buddies Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing urgent medical care funds to homeless canines and those whose owners cannot afford their veterinary bills. Multiple locations, campbowwow.com

Dogtopia of New Orleans 

Dogtopia of New Orleans offers not only doggy daycare and boarding (with spacious, fully supervised playrooms; an outdoor play yard with agility equipment, doggie pools and a splash pad; and web cam access), but also spa services (such as bathing with products specific to each dog’s skin and coat type, bath-time massage, fluff drying and brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, tooth brushing and de-shedding treatments). 9501 Airline Highway, 291-2777, dogtopia.com

Pet Paradise 

Located just one mile from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Pet Paradise is a convenient spot to drop off dogs and cats prior to catching a flight. In addition to indoor and outdoor boarding suites, Pet Paradise offers a shaded play yard with synthetic grass, auto-fill water bowls with a freshwater system, expert grooming and a partnership with MedVet New Orleans for any veterinarian care your pet may need. For a little lagniappe, the indoor VIP suites for dogs are extra spacious with premium bedding, a TV, web cam access, extra play time, an ice cream treat and a bath included on three or more night stays. 45 E. Airline Highway, Kenner, 467-5226, petparadise.com/new-orleans

Dog Gone

MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat 

Owner Courtney McWilliams started MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat in 2015 with a focus on reducing a dog’s anxiety and/or depression while their pet parents are away. She does so by offering specialized enrichment activities (such as sniff mats, and hide and seek), keeping dogs in small group settings, having structured playtime, providing individualized attention and tailoring activities designed to stimulate the mind, and increase confidence and self-control. In addition to daycare, MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat is great for boarding, grooming, and puppy and school days (including nature walks, the trick of the month and more). 1470 Annunciation St., Ste. 3105, 354-8991, marymacsdoggieretreat.com

Mid-City Animal House 

Mid-City Animal House is a boutique facility offering doggy daycare, boarding and grooming services. Daycare consists of a full day of playtime in three separate playrooms and an outside play area. 4001 Toulouse St., 373-6640, midcityanimalhouse.com

The Blakemoore Bark 

The Blakemoore Bark is a full-service facility, offering daycare (with two indoor play spaces, an outdoor play space and a covered garage play space; individualized attention; and three to four walks per day), boarding (daycare is separate, but dogs do receive three to four walks per day), grooming (includes bathing, fluffing, quaffing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal expression, upon owner request), transportation, in-home day sitting and overnights, dog walking and specialized care (available with all services) such as wound care or medication administration. 319 N. Diamond St., 510-5636, theblakemoorebark.com

New Orleans Pet Care 

Bonded and insured, and a member of Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Pet Sitters, Nicole Douget tailors her services to fit each pet’s needs. Whether that means in-home daily or overnight pet sitting (with up to four 30-minute visits per day, mail retrieval and even grocery shopping with an added fee), dog walking or transportation, New Orleans Pet Care offers it all. 3101 Prytania St., 289-6355, neworleanspetcare.com

Dog Gone

Pawlins Total Pet Care 

Focusing on purposeful play, safety, comfort and state-of-the-art amenities, Pawlins Total Pet Care offers doggy daycare, boarding, grooming and a partnering full-service veterinarian (River Road Veterinary Hospital) next door. Daycare—which includes web cam access, 18,000-square feet of outdoor space, a water park designed specifically for dogs, soothing music and essential-oil scent technology—involves canine enrichment (such as training toys and games), individual attention, exercise and rest. Meanwhile, boarding services include plush bedding on Kuranda premier raised cots and all daycare services. For some extra spoiling, book a Royal Suite, which features a TV, windows and the luxury of a private yard. Spa treatments also are available, with options like ear and teeth cleaning, a blueberry and oatmeal facial (for cleaning tear and beard stains), de-matting and more. 3501 River Road, Jefferson, 302-7200, pawlins.com

Zeus’ Place 

Zeus’ Place also offers doggy daycare, boarding and grooming (plus web cams) in a home-like environment. During boarding sessions, dogs get play time (either alone or with a group, depending on each pet’s needs) in the spacious backyard area. Meanwhile, the company’s sister facility, Zeus’ Rescues, takes in pets that would have otherwise been euthanized and then connects those pets to forever homes. Multiple locations, zeusplace.com

Dog Walkers 

Foxtrot Dog Walking 

Foxtrot Dog Walking has more than 10 years of experience walking dogs, and the staff is comfortable working with dogs of all sizes, temperaments and breeds. The company also provides flexible scheduling with walks available morning, noon and night; plenty of food and water; medication administration; and lots of love and attention. 256-9906, foxtrotdogwalking.com

Christopher Walkin’

A bonded and insured company, Christopher Walkin’ employs a staff that is proficient in pet first aid and certified in CPR. Pet parents can book walks as needed or on a recurring weekly basis—and an additional pet is free. The company sends pet care journals after every visit with a GPS-tracked walking route, photos and notes from the dog walker. 383-3898, christopherwalkin.com

Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution 

With a mission to provide thoughtful pet care and owner support—all while respecting the pet, the family, the community and the planet—Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution offers a bevy of services including dog walking and longer outings to dog parks. The company also offers pet sitting, boarding, transportation, errands and litter box deep cleaning. 457-8778, sarahspetcarerevolution.com

K9 Second Line 

K9 Second Line offers 30-minute dog walking Monday through Friday, pet sitting (with a minimum of two 30-minute visits per day) and transportation (one way up to 10 miles). All of these standard services cover up to three cats or dogs, but specialized services (such as longer walks, pets other than cats and dogs, and medication administration) can be added on a case-by-case basis. 3500 N. Causeway Blvd., Ste. 116, Metairie, 457-8204, k9secondline.com

Home Alone

Reduce separation anxiety with these veterinarian-approved tips.

According to Adi Chatow, DVM at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, separation anxiety is a dog’s reaction to being abandoned as a puppy. “This is a normal reaction, which, in a natural wild environment, would be advantageous,” she says. “Fortunately, most dogs are desensitized to separations as they mature. However, approximately one out of five dogs in the U.S. are reported to show a spectrum of signs of separation anxiety as maturing or full adults.” 

Dogs with this behavioral problem can exhibit mild signs, such as whining, pacing or showing no interest in food, while severe signs can include howling, barking, urinating or defecating inside, destroying furniture or other objects, and running away from home. Dogs usually show these signs within a few minutes of the owner leaving the house, or sometimes even when the owner is simply out of sight.

While Dr. Chatow advises against disciplining a dog after the fact, she does recommend trying to eliminate the anxiety that the dog feels when it is left alone. “If at all possible, owners could take the dog to work with them, find a doggy daycare in their area or have the dog spend the day at a friend’s house,” she says. “The reasoning behind this is so the dog doesn’t continue to panic in your house, continually relearning these negative reactions and behaviors there. If eliminating the separation altogether isn’t an option, the next recommendation would be to train and desensitize your dog to being left alone.”

This relearning process can take weeks to months, especially if a dog has been exhibiting signs of separation anxiety for prolonged periods of time. Dr. Chatow says to create a safe space for the dog (a crate, closed off area or a separate room) and fill it with favorite toys, comfortable beds and blankets, and water and food. “Using long-lasting treats and toys can help distract and motivate your dog to stay in this safe space longer without showing anxiety,” she says. “Once you have the safe space established, slowly and gradually start leaving your dog for longer and longer. If you note any anxiety signs during these longer separations, go back to shorter absences until your dog is not showing signs of anxiety. It is recommended to downplay your departures and returns so there’s less emotions and attention to these key moments. For some dogs, an anti-anxiety drug may be necessary. Consult with your veterinarian regarding what course of treatment might be best for your pet.”


Dog Gone

The Petcube Cam Indoor Wi-Fi Pet and Security Camera and accompanying app allow users to monitor their pets with two-way audio and video (plus night vision). Different options include cubes that also dispense treats and have interactive laser toys. petcube.com

Dog Gone

Furbo is another pet camera and remote dog treat dispenser, offering a 360-degree view so that users can see their pet, talk to them and dispense treats from anywhere. Furbo also has auto dog tracking capabilities and provides real-time notifications about emergencies at home. furbo.com

Dog Gone

The Whisker Litter-Robot 4 is a WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box. The litter box also reduces odor and litter tracking (with the included fence and step), and users can monitor litter box usage from their phone. It’s also suitable for up to four cats.