In the August 2004 edition there was a Travel article that contained a blurb about Epcot Center being “Disney for adults.” Please allow me to share some hard-learned Walt Disney World lessons:
First, get up early and eat a good breakfast in the hotel before heading to the park. Disney gets you on the lunch items and snacks (burgers, hot dogs, popcorn).
Return to your hotel and take a nap instead of lunch. If the kids are restless, visit the hotel pool. This removes you from the hottest and most crowded (and stressful) part of the day and rests you up to return to Disney in the afternoon.
Go back to WDW in the late afternoon and mosey over to Epcot for dinner. Not only is Epcot truly representative of other cultures and countries (hey – if you want totally authentic, fly there. Epcot is as good as it gets on a budget), but the dinner prices at Epcot are the most reasonable anywhere in WDW (and Orlando). This gets you nice and fed for your after-dinner activity: back to the park!
Most WDW visitors leave between 6 and 7 p.m. Because the park usually stays open until 10 p.m., there are minimal waits for the rides at night. Remember – you are well-rested from your noon nap and fed by a large dinner at Epcot.
I enjoyed the Chronicles article on “Panic in the Streets.” I remember seeing many of the locations as they were in the movie. The author referred to the Hollywood establishment’s distaste for Elia Kazan’s cooperation with the House Un-American Activities Committee. But the people he named as Communists actually turned out to be Communists; with the fall of the Soviet Union and subsequent access to KGB files, his testimony has been proved accurate.
Michael C. Huete, Arlington, Va.

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