Desire NOLA provides grants and small business development assistance, and on March 30, the group also showed the city that it knows how to throw a great party. More than 400 people attended “A Party Named Desire,” which was held at Republic nightclub. Chairing the event was Annie Flettrich, and committee members included Christy Reeves, Todd Pereira, Tony Maioana, John Cazale and Ashley Barkley. In addition to raising money for development programs, the fête also was a way to recruit new members. Entertainment included a fashion show produced by Saks Fifth Avenue and performances by vocalist Ingrid Lucia and the band, Purple Disrespect.

Desire NOLA is a local nonprofit organization that is helping to rebuild the greater New Orleans area by assisting small, locally owned businesses. Want to know more about this group and what they do? Go

Doing its PartChristian Jensen, event chair Annie Flettrich and Chris Kane

Doing its PartWalt Leger, Jennifer Gatz and Todd Pereira

Doing its PartJessie Haynes and Jody Montelaro

Doing its PartMike Mann, Meredith Maxwell, Ellie Sanders and William Guste

Doing its PartStephanie Mayne, Tony Maiorana and Emily Franco

Doing its PartSteven Putt, Katherine Tessier and Gabe Nassar