“I have learned that even at an early age, a high school student can actually help people get through life and make a real difference in their lives,” says Dominick Boscareno IV, a senior at Archbishop Rummel High School. “I think that this is one of the most rewarding benefits of my activism.”

As an athlete, Boscareno knows how it feels to win or lose a game. He volunteers through a variety of activities including cleaning up the community, assisting the poor and teaching children how to exercise properly. One of his most rewarding experiences was volunteering with the Rummel football team with the Special Olympics.

“I think that it teaches all of us that we should never give up in life and remember to compete for the sake of competing even though you might not have a high chance of success,” says Boscareno.

Boscareno is also involved with Operation Head Start, Big Brothers, Campus Ministry and Catholic Youth Organization. Being involved in many different organizations, both with Rummel and his community, Boscareno is able to volunteer in different ways to help utilize his talents.

Mark Firmin, a math teacher and Operation Head Start Director, inspired Boscareno to get involved with community activism.
“He is a great teacher and leader and I’m lucky that he’s there to help make me a better person,” says Boscareno. “If it wasn’t for Mr. Firmin, Operation Head Start and football, I wouldn’t be the volunteer that I am.”

Boscareno wants to attend LSU after graduation. Even though he isn’t totally sure what he wants to major in, he’s interested in becoming a physical therapist, personal trainer or orthopedic surgeon. No matter where his path may lead him, Boscareno wants to continue to do volunteer work and be involved with Operation Head Start and Big Brothers.