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Elevate hollow doors with inexpensive, removable and easy to switch out faux panels
Invisible Door


We moved into a new place in October. It is a fabulous little double shotgun and I love countless things about it. The back of our front door is not one of those things. The plain, white expanse of wood was so boring, it bordered on ugly. There wasn’t much we could do however, given we are renting and not at liberty to change it without permission. That said, we also don’t like to spend much on things we can’t take with us when we someday move out. My solution was to create faux, detachable door panels. Here’s how I did it:



  • Thin picture frames (I bought 12-inch by 16-inch, white FISKBO frames from IKEA)
  • Self-adhesive shelf paper (such as Con-Tact brand), wallpaper or fabric
  • Command strips



  1. Cut paper or fabric to fit and place inside frame
  2. Measure and mark the door where you would like to place the frames
  3. Attach Command strips to frames
  4. Attach frames to door


I am not a terribly crafty person, so if I can do this, so can you. The result was way better than I imagined and, if I get bored with the pattern, it’s going to be so easy to swap out the paper. Win-win! You could also create faux panels on any other door in your home and experiment with shapes, sizes and number of panels. They are removable, so, why not?


1 Before


2 Close Up Of Pattern

Pattern Close Up

3 Close Up Of Panel

Close Up of Panel

4 After

Final Product




*Photos by Melanie Warner Spencer




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