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Alex Geriner
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Doorman Design started with a bed. The owner and founder of the business, Alex Geriner, moved to New Orleans after graduation and he needed furniture, especially a bed.

“I found my first adult apartment Uptown in the Riverbend area,” he says. “It was a large space in a beautiful 1890s home and my dorm-room furniture from college looked dreadful in this charming place.”

He scoured the city and just couldn’t find stylish and affordable furniture that suited his taste. He’d always loved interior design and considered himself creative, so he decided to make the bed himself.

“I made it from an old door salvaged after Katrina, and inlaid the panels with decorative ceiling tin,” Geriner says. “It came out really nice and a friend asked me to make another one. The rest is history.”

From there he started handcrafting and selling more headboards and eventually began designing a wider range of furniture including lighting and coffee and dining room tables.

“The materials we work with are often hundreds of years old and have the patina to prove it, so I like to keep the designs simple and refreshing, and let the materials do the talking.” 

His favorite piece in his own home is his dining room table. Each December, he and his family go to Apalachicola, Florida. On one visit he met a man outside of town who sells sinker cypress from the surrounding swamps.

“He had this massive cypress tree stump that has to be a nearly a thousand years old,” he says. “We cleaned it, dried it out, and put a big round piece of glass over it. It›s certainly the focal point in the house and gets lots of comments.”

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