After graduating from Newcomb as a theatre major, Dorothy “Dot” Rosen was asked to work at Air Weather Service as a meteorologist. A year later, she went back to Newcomb to persue her masters in Social Work when she met the dashing young doctor, Jacob “Jack” Weisler on a double date! They were dating lots of other people at the time, but Jack decided Dot was the one for him and they dated exclusively after that! Because Jack was a busy intern at Charity Hospital from LSU, they barely had time to date, so Dot would meet him at Big Charity and bring a picnic dinner. Other times, Jack would buy $1 tickets to the opera so they could be together.

The wedding was planned for right after Jack’s graduation from LSU but had to be changed because they were in a terrible automobile accident on the way to graduation. After everyone was “on the mend,” the only date they settled on was October 31, Halloween, 1954, a date that Jack could get away from the hospital.

The wedding and reception were at Lakewood Country Club and it was beautiful. The flowers were created by Scheinik’s Florist, and Dot wanted to carry two lovebirds in a cage as her bouquet. The florist talked her out of it, and instead she carried a bouquet that featured butterfly orchids. Flowers were everywhere, and she even had them on top of her cake – something new at the time. The three-tiered cake was from Swiss Bakery and her dress was from Kreeger’s. Dot said that the dress was only $150 at the time and even came with a bridal consultant for free.

After an incredible wedding, Dot and Jack flew to Miami and then off to Bermuda for their honeymoon. They came back to New Orleans. After Jack became certified in Psychiatry, he opened River Oaks Hospital. He then went back to become a psychoanalyst.

Dot and Jack had been married for 55 years and had had a wonderful marriage when Jack passed away in April, six years ago.

Dorothy “Dot” Rosen to Dr. Jacob “Jack” Weisler  Dorothy “Dot” Rosen to Dr. Jacob “Jack” Weisler
Dorothy “Dot” Rosen to Dr. Jacob “Jack” Weisler