Let Them Eat Cake has explored both established wedding customs and rising trends, from bridal fashion to reception food. We love seeing an idea transform from trend to tradition, growing from fun fad to a statement-making, must-have addition that continues for many years.

One such trend is the doughnut wall. Magazines and blogs zeroed in on this delicious design element, touting its interactive qualities, festive visuals and, of course, the fact that fried dough with frosting and other sweet toppings is a tasty treat.

Emily Sullivan Events recently shared a doughnut wall the company produced for a New Orleans wedding at the Ogden Museum. It is an edible work of art. Firefly Ambiance and District Donuts Sliders and Brew aided Emily Sullivan Events in the creation of the doughnut and dessert display.

New Orleans is fortunate to have a wealth of bakeries, pastry shops and doughnut-specific eateries, including District and Blue Dot Donuts.

While drooling over this perfect dessert display, we brainstormed other ways couples can incorporate this idea into their wedding. For a brunch wedding, consider adding a potentially savory element in with the doughnuts – enter, the bagel wall. It’s the same idea, but allows guests to create their own flavor combinations with different toppings and additions.

Another option, especially if space is at a premium, is a smaller display featuring cake pops. Tailor made to fit on a stick, which can be popped into a pegboard bearing the design of your choosing, cake pops are adorable and easy to handle when the other hand is busy holding a glass of champagne – fanciful, flavorful fun is on the menu.