Why Dermatology?
I was always drawn to science and learning, so medicine was a natural choice. I enjoy doing surgical procedures, but I also love the personal interaction I have at Audubon. Ultimately, being able to make a difference in peoples’ lives is very rewarding.

Why did you start Audubon Dermatology?
My partner, Sarah Jackson (pictured, right), and I wanted to build a practice where we could be at the forefront of dermatology and best practice patient care. Over the past 10 years, we have constantly updated our services and knowledge to provide the best possible experience for our patients whether it’s medical, surgical or cosmetic dermatology.

What’s different about Audubon Dermatology?
Our ability to provide best in class care for all of our patients’ needs.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of dermatology, educating ourselves on new research and learning about new technologies.

Our patient experience and satisfaction. Our whole practice is built around making sure every patient is taken care of every step of the way.

What inspires you?
All the wonderful people in my life, my family, my peers and my team at Audubon; they always go the extra mile for my patients and for me. I am also inspired by the ongoing scientific research in health and dermatology.

What are you excited about?
The next generation of lasers for redness, pigment and tightening. We can achieve results more quickly and with less downtime than ever before.

I am really proud of our ability to combine skin care, lasers and injectables. They provide unmatched results in natural looking rejuvenation.

Audubon Dermatology

3525 Prytania St., Suite 501