2015 Steel Magnolia

Dr. Myra Corrello

Dr. Myra Corrello is a business growth consultant, adventure traveler, professional speaker, photographer, foodie, salsa dancer and live music enthusiast. She practices what she preaches when it comes to finding new ways to add a little “spice” into one’s life. As a Jazz Fester (since 1998) who “never left,” her passion is bringing together diverse, extraordinary people to mutually learn and grow. As a super-connector, she’s served a total of 18 terms on local boards for four trade associations and was instrumental in helping build back nonprofit, tourism, healthcare and economic development programs post-Katrina. She was named the Small Business Administration’s  “Women in Business Champion of the Year” for Louisiana in 2007.  “Being able to use your talents for greater good,” she says, “is the best feeling of all.”