“The beginning is always today,” wrote Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, a mantra that becomes very real the moment you marry and begin to experience your new life together. It’s also a positive thought to carry with you as you adjust and pivot through life’s likely hardships, large and small. Just as much, it stands as a kind of battle cry for the future. Today is your day. Celebrate it together with these cruise honeymoons, bucket list experiences worthy of marking your new reality, sailing you beyond an adventure, into your future together.


The Solar Eclipse

Abercrombie & Kent

15 days from $18,995 per person (was $22,495) Nov. 28 – Dec. 12, 2021

Abercrombie & Kent, best known for African safaris, know how to lead intrepid souls to far flung frontiers. Under their tutelage and care, voyage to the “centre of the path of totality” for the upcoming eclipse to mark the awesomeness of your nuptials. Along this path, you’ll cruise through the rarely visited South Orkney Islands, a place selected by A&K’s Expedition Team for its remarkable viewing opportunities. Amid this very narrow pathway a beaming “circle of light” can be seen — given luck, weather and sea and ice condition. Don’t blink. Viewing time lasts remarkably less than two minutes. While on board, learn about the science behind an eclipse from award-winning astronomer Dr. Massimo Tarenghi and former NASA astronaut Commander Susan Kilrain; observe wildlife — such as humpback whales and penguins; join lectures with subject matter that ranges from ornithology to photography to geology; and enjoy an immersive pre-cruise stay in Buenos Aires, complete with expert led tours and dinners with eclipse and astronomy experts.


The Northern Lights

Viking Ocean Cruises

13 days, from $4,999 per person, Jan. 24-Feb. 5, 2022

You’ve only seen the photos: churning ribbons of color that seem to be stirring up the stars. Green, purple, pink fusing in swirls to create an otherworldly light show. It’s your greatest desire to see nature’s handiwork from the deck of a ship, the dark ocean churning around. You’ve heard this ethereal ripple of electrically charged color has the possibility to change lives — or in your case, celebrate the beginning of a new one — together. Considered to be the “thinking person’s cruise” for its emphasis on art, music and cuisine, Viking Cruises, also gets kudos for its European sensibilities. Join these Norwegian specialists as they take you deep into the dark, Arctic night in far north Norway to glimpse the lustrous aurora borealis as the ultimate honeymoon send off. Other fun on board activities include dog sledding, historical and architectural tours, winter activities, fishing and Viking lore. Informative pre- and post- cruise experiences in London and Bergen complete the package.