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Dream Honeymoons: Paris and The Ritz Paris


Cliché for love or not, Paris prevails as the most romantic city in the world. So pervasive is the allure of amour in the heart-clutching, ever breathtaking City of Lights that some say if you can’t fall in love in Paris, perhaps you aren’t capable of falling in love at all.

Ah, maybe it’s the stage set by all those Robert Doiseneau, black and white bistro photos of languidly posed couples caught in a kiss. Perhaps it’s the Valentine-like filigree adorning the celebrated Pont Alexander — the city’s most beautiful bridge. Surely, it is all of those outdoor cafes, packed with tables that sit so close to one another you can’t help but touch knees with the one you join for coffee. Naturally, the food plays a role: flaky croissants, garlic-packed escargot, messy chocolate crepes covered with whipped cream, best when devoured while standing in the shadows of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Certainly, the libations add to the allure. What could be sexier than champagne, with its feisty bubbles dancing in a crystal flute? And bien sur, let’s give the language some credit. Seductively spoken French, speech composed of whispered “r” sounds, puckered, kissing moue-y lips coos, and  singsong phrases, punctuated by dramatic hand gestures — all adds up to a love song to life. Indeed, even a simple greeting, such as “Bon Jour Madame” resonates with passion and possibility.

Together you decided that for the honeymoon, only Paris will do. She’ll appreciate continuing your long engagement’s love fest as you make timeless memories together at the world’s most beguiling hotel — The Ritz Paris. You’ll continue to woo her as you walk through the hotel’s storied halls. You’ll flirt and canoodle in the corner of speakeasy-like Hemingway’s Bar, and you’ll plan your future together with horoscope-themed cocktails at The Ritz Bar, a new nook in the hotel, which has a stunning afternoon lantern lighting ritual each afternoon.

Considered the hotel that set the standard for luxury living, The Ritz Paris, a gilded, polished, impossibly ornate palace, anchors the iconic Place Vendome like a storybook dwelling inhabited by a prince. Opened in 1889, it was the first hotel in the world to have electricity, telephones and bathrooms en suite. Here, founder Cesar Ritz coined the expression: “the customer is always right.” But, you won’t have to worry about being wrong, because every person at The Ritz will read your mind, knowing and giving you what you wish, even before you know it yourself. A haven of gastronomic delight, the grand hotel lures lovers into its Salon Proust (where the master writer often penned his work) for afternoon tea, a decadent ritual featuring, among other treats, pastries by acclaimed Pastry Chef François Perret, and the ideal spot to drop your shopping bags and let the hotel’s ministrations re-fortify you. Back in your room, the stunning Imperial Suite, which channels the opulence of Versailles, you will muse together over the largesse of French Art de Vivre, felt in the majesty of this suite, a sanctum which mirrors Marie-Antoinette’s Versailles boudoir. Nothing is too good for her — or you — right?


Five Romantic Spots for a Sappy Honeymoon Kissing Picture

  1. On top of the Eiffel Tower — but, of course.
  2. Board a Bateau Mouche, the boats that cruise the River Seine. Do it at night when the water sparkles like the diamond on her finger.
  3. Linger in the Place Fursternberg, across from the Delacroix Museum and take photos of yourselves beneath the streetlamps.
  4. Amble over to Luxembourg Park, where you can sail tiny boats on the water and play chase amongst the greenery.
  5. Lead him down the cavernous Catacombs of Paris, where you can comfort one another in the endless chamber full of skeletons.




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