Dress Your Tresses

Eighty percent of brides start a new workout plan before their wedding, but it can take just as long to get your hair in shape. Experts agree you should start working on your hair up to a year in advance.

“We like to see brides for a consultation as soon as they are engaged,” says Penelope Gozza from Maison de Cheveux in downtown New Orleans. “We can find out the color, length and style they want and start preparing the hair both at home and in the salon.”

When it comes to product, one size doesn’t fit all, so planning in advance allows for time to experiment.

“Depending on the look brides are going for, there are specific products which will prepare the hair,” says stylist April Ponder. “It’s a good idea to try different ones to find those that will work best.”

All experts agree that sticking to a plan will go along way to ensuring your locks are as long, lustrous and manageable as you want them to be:
• Have your hair trimmed every four to six weeks to allow it to grow without splitting
• Minimize your use of heat-styling products in the months beforehand and use a heat-protectant spray when you do
• Avoid brushing your hair from the roots down to the ends to minimize damage, start in the middle and work up
• Wash your hair only as much as necessary, switch your shampoo for a gentle cleanser
• Invest in a weekly hair mask, the best ones contain UV protection, anti-frizz and color-enhancing properties
• If your hair is frizzy or you live in a hot, humid climate consider a Keratin treatment a month in advance so your hair is smooth but not too flat
• Perfect your color or touch up highlights two weeks in advance to make sure your hair is fresh and natural but without roots
• Have your final trim one week before the wedding
Then sit back, relax and let your stylist do the rest!



*This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of New Orleans Bride.


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