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Smart phones have not just taken over the world; they are the world. Whatever you wish to do and wherever you wish to do it, smart phones can make it happen. Nearest pizza parlor? Easy as pie. Car wash? Should we vacuum the carpet? What time is the Friday Mass at Jesuit Church? You are practically in the pew at the appropriate moment.

For those of us still wide-eyed with wonder over the entire concept of an Internet, smart phones have us positively ga-ga, and not in the Lady sense. The amount of information instantly at your fingertips puts entire buildings of books to shame. More importantly, the information available is up to the very minute you requested it. Ever-changing information is as easy to access as static truths.

Those weird little pieces of art, called “apps,” on your phone’s screen are the keys to you being smarter than any university president, any newspaper publisher, hell, even any elected officials. Just ask any one of them. I’ll bet you already know the outcome of that exercise, so don’t bother.

What apps bring to your enjoyment of adult beverages is information about the liquid you are drinking; how it was made, where, when, who did it, its cost and pertinent facts regarding its creation. Then there is the whole area of comment, where others who have tasted what is in front of you offer their viewpoints. Take the remarks for what they are worth but it is, at the minimum, entertaining to appreciate what people all over the world think of the plonk in your glass.  It certainly brings new and broader meaning to the term, “social drinking.”

Spirits apps cover a lot of ground that wine apps do not have to address. Spirits are mixers so what are some of the recipes that make the spirit really come alive? While the manufacturing technique of the spirit is important to its quality, often that does not fully define what the spirit brings to the party.

Spirits are social creatures while wine tends to be a loner. With spirits the enjoyment can actually be determined by the company the spirit keeps. So spirits apps have to offer a load of information that wine apps can gloss over.



(all available in Android and iO formats)

Distiller – If whiskey is your passion, this app will take you to where you want to go. Professional reviews, other users reviews, personalized recommendations based on your individual preferences, 3 million whiskey listings. This app is a must for whiskey rookies. Keep track of what you have enjoyed or hope to enjoy soon. Free – drinkdistiller.com.  

Mixology – Getting the cocktail recipe right is important when concocting drinks. And after you have made a proper cocktail, only then should you add your own flair. This app can counsel you, and if the information is not in the app, the loyal followers – 10 million strong – will be glad to offer their considered views. 8,000 recipes and more than 1,000 ingredients should keep you busy for awhile. You can even create your own “Liquor Cabinet” to note those ingredients you have on hand. If you become frustrated, let the GPS function on the app steer you to the nearest bar. Free – mixologyapp.com

DrinkedIn – Similar to Mixology but boasting at least 1,000 more recipes. However locating a good spot to have a drink is the strength of this app, and if you would rather not drink alone, let the social function of the app link you up with another like-minded soul. Your fellow app-ers will list events in their areas, share their recipes and maybe even invite you to special functions. It could happen. Free – drinkedin.net.



(all available in Android and iO formats)

Plonk – if you are just getting started with wine appreciation, this helpful app suggests wine pairings with food in addition to the overview of grape varietal characteristics. There is also a helpful audio guide to assist you in pronunciation of the strange words associated with wine names. Free – plonk.app-co.uk

Delectable – one of the top two apps on the market. Particularly helpful with assisting in price-shopping a wine. All you do is snap a photo of the label and the app returns information to you about the wine and its retail cost in other locations. Free – delectable.com

Vivino – the Big Boy of the wine app industry. More than 13 million wine ratings and more than 7.5 million users. Take the photo of the label and back comes loads of information about that very bottle. You have to take some of the reviews with a bit of skepticism but overall, excellent comments. If your particular wine is not in the database, Vivino will do research for you and get back to you, usually within 12 hours. Impressive.  Free – vivino.com


And Now for Something Completely Different

Since transportation services driven by apps, like Uber or LIvery, are making inroads into New Orleans and most other major markets, why not an app that can arrange to have spirits, beer and wine delivered to you? That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Drizly is in New Orleans and most major cities around the country. This app can save your party, or start one. Why leave the house when someone will bring you what you want, where you want it. That Hostess Gift will have more meaning when it arrives before you do.

The claim is that the prices for the spirits, beers or the wines are retail with no unusual markups. And you have a full range of inventory selection from local retail shops. That’s where you were going to go anyway so why not let Drizly do it? Also available Is a wide choice of mixes, soft drinks and bitters. Free – https://drizly.com.

Sometimes technology feels intimidating and foreboding. Threatening, even. But these apps feel warm and fuzzy.

You think it’s the subject matter?





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