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In January, we reported on the growing trend of  “pop up” weddings and the new NOLA business catering to this nuptial need.

As previously reported, Pop of Love Nola is the brainchild of New Orleans wedding veterans Logan Doerries, creator, designer and planner for Logan Doerries Design; Lauren Soley, creator and designer for Lovegood Wedding and Event Rentals; and Sarah Becker Lillard, creator and photographer for Sarah Becker Photography. The three joined forces to bring the growing pop up trend to the Big Easy in an affordable and stylish way for brides and grooms of all kinds.

As their business continues to grow, their available packages have also gone through an upgrade. Now, the trio offers four distinct package options, each with its own style and vibe.

The Algiers package is a simple, yet classic courthouse package overlooking the Mississippi River, Crescent City Connection and downtown New Orleans; while the Iris package brings couples to the romantic, garden-inspired backdrop of City Park or the Tree of Life. The Delphine packages gives couples a funkier vibe with eclectic hotels and Nola venue favorites; and the Estelle package gives those traditional couples a Southern-style venue.Easy Does It

When planning out the packages, the Pop of Love ladies wanted to make sure they offered clean and simple package options that were streamlined and easy for the couples to choose from. Each collection offers a little something different and comes with photography, planning services, flora, vendor referrals and an officiant. The ladies also offer options from their Lagniappe section, which include a second line, additional rentals and décor, extended photography, additional floral options and the upgrade of a Saturday event option.

A quick destination wedding or a Big Easy elopement doesn’t have to be a plain and boring affair. When deciding to use the city as a wedding backdrop, it’s always easier to ensure the help of seasoned professionals. Whether you pick the Iris package or the Delphine, your Crescent City wedding is sure to pop.



Fun Facts:

We were curious how the Pop of Love ladies decided on the names of the different package collections. Logan Doerries told us the process began with a brainstorming session on ways to group the venues together, but still make sense for each collection option. Doerries said the groundwork started with couples they had already worked with previously. They looked at what they wanted from their wedding and key words they used. “We listed out each of the venues and made several different groupings based on a variety of factors, but decided the overall theme was the biggest characteristic each venue shared,” said Doerries. “We started out with regions of the city, but that got confusing as some venues that made sense in the same ‘collection’ weren't necessarily that close together, geographically. Then, our next thought was famous street names, but again, we didn't want any of our out of town guests to think each of those venues were located on that specific street.

Easy Does It

“We went through landmarks, parades, events, and then a light bulb finally went off,” Doerries continued.  “One of the biggest traditions of marriage is taking your partners last name, so we began researching famous names that captured the essence of New Orleans, and voila! We compiled a pretty long list of historic names of French, German and Spanish that have made an impact on our history. Our team then narrowed it down to each of our favorites. Algiers, Iris, Delphine and Estelle became the perfect lineup.” 



Pop of Love: website, Instagram, Facebook


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