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Penny Francis
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Interior designer Penny Francis’ first job was cutting grass. This experience taught her hard work pays off.  “Being one of six girls and no boys, we were expected to work hard and contribute to the family,” she says.  “It builds character and great work ethic when you learn this at an early age. You become less fearful and more likely to take risks.”

Francis’ business Eclectic Home provides design consulting for residential and commercial projects as well as staging services for real estate sales. Francis says the name simply comes from the fact that her design style is just that ­— eclectic.

 “There’s no exact science to my purchasing products for the showroom. I am so obsessed with design and I follow my instincts. When something speaks to me, I go for it.”

Her passion for design keeps going way past her workday. She believes she’s always finding inspiration for her work all around her.

“I love combing through my library of design books with a great glass of wine,” she says. “I tend to view things that seem ordinary in an extraordinary way. Traveling, museums and people also inspire me.”

Francis is proud of her business’ success and cultivates many ongoing relationships with her clients.

“By meeting my goals, I am able to sustain doing what I love to do, design.”

 Helping clients realize their visions and providing access to resources is what she sees as her role as a designer. But her life’s not all work, she enjoys Sundays, her only day off. 

“I love getting up early, reading my paper with a cup of coffee and preparing to enjoy ‘CBS Sunday Morning’,” Francis says. “I spend the rest of the day cooking and listening to jazz.”

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