As the true hub of the home, the best kitchens function well for the homeowner’s lifestyle and are aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there are always new ways to satisfy those requirements.

Ed Perrier, Sales Manager at VIP Kitchens, notes some “trends” of recent years such as open floorplans, all-white color schemes, large islands and eat-in dining areas that have replaced formal dining rooms are here to stay.

“People want kitchens that are conducive to large gatherings,” he said. 

But Perrier added that those looking for something different have abundant choices. For those who want all-white, vendors and designers have introduced new variations to update the look such as finishes that add a vintage feel or a soft, brush-stroke texture. 

Color is also gaining a foothold. Perrier says black, stainless-steel accents and navy cabinetry are of the moment and there are different ways to incorporate color. For those who don’t want to commit to an entire room of color, he suggests using a pop of color for the base of a kitchen island and matching the stove hood with the same color.  

Natural woods with low sheen or matte finishes, mix and match cabinets, ceramic tile floors with wood tones and zero grout lines, farmhouse sinks made of composite materials that look like stone, butcher block island countertops, open shelving, gooseneck faucets, hanging light fixtures over islands, and metal trim on hoods matched to the finish of the faucets are all favored by designers and consumers. 

Organization is key in today’s kitchens and Perrier says the market is filled with options that keep the heart of the home uncluttered and user-friendly. He recommends organizing kitchen storage according to the way you use the space, for example, placing cooking utensils near the range, and suggests making use of things like drawers vs cabinets because they make it easier to access things without crouching down. Built-ins like pullout spice racks and pan dividers maximize the real estate inside cabinets and drawers while baskets make the most of the available space on open shelving and in pantries. Workstation sinks with insert pieces that can be stored when not in use, such as colanders and chopping blocks, also help streamline a kitchen.

Of all the current kitchen trends, Perrier says one of the hottest is the touchless faucet, a feature that homeowners have embraced as a result of the Covid pandemic. Hands-free faucets operate by sensors which means less cleaning – and that translates to more time to enjoy your kitchen. 

  1. Hire somebody who is experienced in the field. “There are many secrets to the trade that come only with experience,” Perrier said.
  2. Perrier prefers factory-made cabinets because the controlled environment means better finishes and greater consistency.
  3. Installing floors first and then adding cabinets over them eliminates the need for shoe molding which Perrier says detracts from the look of cabinets.

About the Designer

In the business of selling cabinets since the 1970s, Ed Perrier has seen countless kitchen trends come and go. But for Perrier, one thing always remains the same: “My favorite thing about the business,” he said, “is seeing the happiness at the end of a project.”