Katie Couric noticed. So did Governor Bobby Jindal and WWL-TV. What is it that’s garnering this widespread attention? Eden House, the first residential program in the state of Louisiana to serve the survivors of human trafficking.

I recently visited Eden House and found something remarkable: a facility that’s addressing a widespread public problem with warmth and a personal approach.

Eden House was founded by Katherine Green and Kara Van de Carr, and sprung from their relentless drive and desire to make a difference. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are 300,000 children in this country who are at risk of being lured into prostitution. Many are runaway teens fleeing an abusive home life, others might be children whose families are homeless, and nearly all are quite young – typically between the ages of 12 and 14.

Eden House offers a full two years of residential care for six to eight women. During those two years, the program provides its residents with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient adults. In doing so, it opens up a door to a different life. Where there was once fear and daily uncertainty, at Eden House there’s safety and the immeasurable sense of comfort that comes from something as simple as a daily routine. Perhaps the greatest strength of the program is its comprehensive nature; obtaining medical care, opening a savings account and learning the basics of self-care are integral to the program. Most importantly, the women who call Eden House their home are, quite possibly for the first time in their lives, safe and secure.

New Orleans seems to breed people who are undaunted by a challenge, and the people I met at Eden House are no exception. While there, I saw women whose lives were changing. What better way to make a difference than to give hope to someone who thought she had no future? That is precisely what Eden House is doing, and it’s most certainly making a difference.

In early November, Eden House will host its annual fall event: “An Evening in the Garden of Eden.” The event is free of charge, and offers wine, cheese and the opportunity to learn more about Eden House. For more information, call 407-0942, email info@edenhousenola.org or visit EdenHouseNola.org.

Eden House
Clemmie Greenlee, Governor Bobby Jindal, and Kara Van de Carr

Eden House
Kara Van de Carr and Katie Couric

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