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If it's not Written, it's Wroten

Editor's NoteA few months ago, a portion of my Editor’s Note included me thanking all of my sources and co-workers for their help producing this magazine. Little did I know that I was getting ahead of myself.
This is my last issue as editor for New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, as well as St. Charles Avenue magazines. Starting this month, I will be the public relations director at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. It’s an amazing museum and a great opportunity, but I will miss working on these magazines and the people who work on them with me. But first, I need to thank Errol Laborde, the editor-in-chief at Renaissance Publishing (also a co-owner of the magazines) for giving me the opportunity to helm NOH&L, and to Missy McLellan, who originally hired me back in 1995 when the company was called New Orleans Publishing Group (NOPG).
Kudos to my art directors through the years, but I want to shine a spotlight on the three I worked with the most: Stephanie Carey (now in Atlanta), Tiffani Reding, this magazine’s current AD, and Eric Gernhauser, whom I’ve worked with for 12 years—and  we’re still friends! To the photographers whose careers I’ve seen blossom through the years: Sara Essex, Eugenia Uhl, Jeffery Johnston, Thom Bennett, Cheryl Gerber, Greg Miles, Patrick Salisbury (aka paxtonsight.com), Steve Millet, Nijme Rinaldi Nun, and Pam Valiant and others who have left the city for bigger challenges. To Lee Cutrone (you see her byline here and in Gambit Weekly), who juggled working for two competitors (as did many photographers) and whose attention to detail when producing articles was always appreciated.
To all of my “secret” sources (hey, I’m not giving them up yet!), who helped me find the amazing houses that have graced this magazine and who took my panicked phone calls when a house fell through and I had to find a new one … yesterday. To my talented writers: Keith Brannon, Jewel Bush, Paul Greenberg, Suzy Kessenich, Bonnie Warren, Russell McCulley, Faith Dawson, Tara McLellan, Ginja Moseley, Morgan Packard, Peter Reichard and Margaret Zainey Roux. To longtime contributors Vesta Fort and Lisa Tudor, who always knew how to beautifully style a story, as well as write eloquently. To the salespeople I have worked with throughout the years, whose enthusiasm and hard work on behalf of the magazine was an important, but often overlooked, part of its success.
To all of the advertisers who have supported the magazine, as well as those stores who let me borrow items for photo shoots. To my editorial support staff through the years, but a big shout for Sarah Ravits, the talented editorial assistant for this magazine and a number of others, as well as the editor for her own projects.
To Kristi Ferrante, another 12 year veteran like me and Eric, whose grace, wit and patience always was appreciated. To Renaissance Publishing’s other co-owners Todd Matherne, Kelley Faucheux and Alan Campbell, who saw a chance after Hurricane Katrina to form a publishing company and took it.
Finally, I have to thank Bill Metcalf, the founder and owner of NOPG, then MCMedia. He was hands-off on my projects and allowed me and the editorial staff to create publications that remain respected in the city.

A long list, and I’ve no doubt forgotten some important people. However, I will miss all of you  and appreciate your contributions.

Of course, I hope to see you at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art!

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