THE THING I LOVE most about the promise of spring is that it always delivers. As we emerge from our admittedly mild winters for long walks and picnics amid the fragrant blooms of seasonal flowers, the city’s energy shifts — and with it — our moods, foods and fancies. We have a lightness of being, born of short days and long, chilly nights spent inside slowing down and just trying to stay warm. Now is the time to give everything a good scrub, declutter, open the windows and then get outside and tend to spring planting in the garden. It’s time to renew our homes and ourselves. 

I for one am looking forward to finally transforming our back patio from a haphazard mishmash of outdoor furniture dragged from one home to the next into a true oasis. A modern, low-slung sectional arranged around the fire pit, all-weather side tables and pavers leading to the seating area through a canopy of twinkle lights will be the perfect setting to entertain our friends on breezy spring nights. I can practically smell thickly cut strip steaks sizzling on the Weber and hear the clinking of stylish — but sturdy and unbreakable — drinkware. 

If you have visions of outdoor decorating, digging your hands in the dirt and entertaining scenarios dancing in your head too, this issue is your guide to a fruitful season. Don’t skip on any of your seasonal whims, because as we all know summer will be here before we can say crawfish and we’ll all be fleeing back inside to escape the heat. 

Perhaps it’s because it’s so fleeting that we are so fond of our  annual fling with spring. The same could be said about crawfish season.