For many of us, July is the time when everything slows down, way down. The summer heat dictates the pace of the day and schedule. For me, it’s all about getting up early to try and get a walk or a run in before it gets too hot, running errands before the noon sun makes my car’s A/C impossible to catch up, and then retreating inside until later in the day when things finally cool off again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

For families with kids, the summer doldrums really start to set in right after the hullabaloo of July 4 festivities. The excitement of school letting out has worn off, the summer vacation “to-do” list has been checked off and coming up with new things to look forward to may seem impossible. To that, we’ve got you covered with ways to keep kids active, both in body and in the mind. Ever tried ziplining over a swamp? That’s definitely something new.

We also spotlight some of the city’s newest culinary stars popping up, literally, around town. From soup to nuts, breakfast to dinner, these creative bakers and makers have leaped onto the scene in new and innovative ways. They are sure to shake up your take-out plans in the very best ways.

Finally, our senior living feature spotlights the growing workforce of formerly retired individuals. Many seniors are getting back to work, whether full or part-time, for pay or as volunteers, and for a variety of reasons. We take a look at why and how these experienced workers can be invaluable assets to the local community.

So, as our cover boldly says, buckle up and get busy! We may be stuck in the summer heat, but with so much to see and do, there’s no reason to let the doldrums set in. Stay cool!

Editor's Note

Ashley McLellan, Editor

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