Bev’s Note

City Park must raise 89 percent of its revenue on its own, and they should be congratulated for a successful “Celebration in the Oaks” and “Floats in the Oaks” and of course the “Lark Picnic in the Park”! The “Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon” is coming up as well, and the Botanical Garden is asking 1,000 people to donate $1,000 each to support the garden. Please support them in any way possible!

Now that we’re all staying home more, be sure to look at What’s Hot for Home Décor for the items to fill a particular nook in your house in just the right way with unique accents. Then read our feature on Spring Home Renewal for larger changes – from moving furniture to adding to your home’s footprint – to make the places we’re spending the majority of our time more comfortable and functionable.

Because Mardi Gras parades and balls for this year has been cancelled, there has been great concern about what will happen to the debutante season. I just spoke to James Reiss, a representative of the Rex Organization, about the debutante season for 2021. Reiss said that there have been many meetings with all of the debutante-related organizations and there’s agreement that this year’s class will be honored in 2022. This decision was made with the most positive interest of the city at heart! The economic impact of Mardi Gras is substantial, and this decision will help all businesses related to the season with their planning: artists, restaurants, party venues, florists, party planners, costume and dressmakers … the list goes on.

We also want to congratulate everyone who created house floats to celebrate Mardi Gras! We are a city that knows how to celebrate in the most unique ways and at the same time help artists, float builders, designers and even nonprofits like YAYA!

Get ready to start shopping again now that we’re starting to get the vaccine!

Editor's Note

Beverly Reese Church


This spring Friends of City Park and the New Orleans Town Gardeners are tipping their hats in gratitude to supporters of the “Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon” presented by IBERIABANK/First Horizon on Wednesday, April 21. This remarkable fundraiser will once again benefit the care of the iconic live oak trees in New Orleans City Park and projects of the New Orleans Town Gardeners. Reimagined, the event will have the same celebratory feel of its signature “Hat Luncheon,” all while ensuring a safe event experience featuring a unique lunch pick up in City Park’s Botanical Garden and a fun-filled online art auction. For more information and to make a donation call 483-9376 or email

Pictured Left to Right Catherine Freeman, Anne Lynne Charbonnet, Barbara Rosenberg, Molly Baumer and Linda Miller.


On the Cover

We all know how important our parks are to us in New Orleans – especially during this pandemic. City Park, with its 1,300 acres of green space, is one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in the country! On Sunday, March 14, Friends of City Park will bring you “Lark Picnic in the Park,” which will give you a chance to safely “picnic with your pod” and support the building of the endowment fund for City Park. The event will feature two daytime seatings (for those 21 and up), personal picnic baskets, strolling entertainment, open bars, exclusive access to 13 outdoor acres in the New Orleans Botanical Garden and more! Tickets start at $100 for the 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. seating, and $500 tickets for the 4-7 p.m. seating. Visit or call 483-9376 for tickets and more information.

Thanks so much to our cover models: Executive Committee Member Shannon Brice, Majestic Oaks Sponsor Capital One representative Karen DeBlieux, Director of Special Events and Marketing Andrea Lockwood, Development Committee Chair Matthew Sherman, Special Event Committee Chair Lindsey Wands, and Executive Director Stephanie Bell. We also want to thank the Co-Chairs who promise an event you don’t want to miss: Lindsey Darnell and Nolan Marshall III; Anne Teague Landis and Cuyler Boad; Alejandra Guzman and Barrett Cooper; and Emily and Matthew Sherman.



Morgan’s Note

I won’t lie, I’m not great. 

I thought that I would enjoy a Carnival season off, but I missed the camaraderie, the sounds and even the smells more than I ever knew I would. 

I thought that I would be ready to turn 40 (March 16, for those wondering). I was going to have a big party – one I have, fair warning, been planning since I was 12. But – lack of party aside – I’m not ready to enter the next age bracket on forms or embrace what society has decided being “the big 4-0” means.

I thought that I’d be ready – more than ready – to send my son to full days of school. But I find myself dreading the end of the summer before it has even started. 

These are what are often known as champagne problems, I know. But I find myself ruminating on them, and sad thoughts like them, more than I feel I should. I have gotten through this pandemic very well, all things considering. Many of my friends have had to make horrible decisions, lost family and friends, suffered sickness and depression … this past year has not been a kind one.

But I know that hope is on the horizon. My parents and in-laws have all had their vaccines. I have a new nephew whom I can’t wait to meet. And thanks to more time at home and the prevalence of classes moving online, I’m adding embroidery and darning to my cross-stitch, beading and button sewing skills. (Maybe I’ll even share a project or two here!)

Margo DuBos, a 2020 Activist and former Co-Owner of Gambit, has recently launched a new business showing off her skills. The Road Trip Collection (, Twitter @trtcollection, Facebook @TheRoadTripCollection) is a custom line of jean jackets inspired by her travels. These one-of-a-kind pieces range from casual to full-statement-dusters deigned with your personality using re-purposed fabrics and amazing patches. 

If you’re not ready to take your home hobbies prime time until you have just the right spot in your home to house the tools necessary, look to What’s Hot for Home Décor, our feature on Spring Home Renewal and Changemakers’ profile on Where Y’Art. Wondering what to do with your kids this weekend? Look no further than Kids Play on The Woodlands Conservancy. You will need fuel, so look to the Dish to learn more about our burgeoning Taco Nation. As always, we have our Philanthropic Scene profiles, Snapshots and much more. 

Oh! And there’s one more thing to look forward to: St. Charles Avenue will be commemorating its 25th anniversary this June! We have a lot of fun things planned and can’t wait for you celebrate with us. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy spring!

Editor's Note

Morgan Packard Griffith



2-4 “An Edible Evening at Home,” benefiting Edible Schoolyard New Orleans, 941-0089,

5 “New Orleans Go Red for Women Luncheon,” benefiting Greater New Orleans American Heart Association, 872-3498,

20 “Sinai Soiree in Slippers,” benefiting Temple Sinai, 861-3693,

20 “UNCF’s Virtual Mayor’s Masked Ball,” benefiting United Negro College, Inc. (UNCF), 581-3794,

28 “Parkway Promenade XXIX – An Evening at the Moulin Rouge,” benefiting Jefferson Beautification, Inc., 466-6063,