Editor's Note: Tact

I would like to take a moment to talk about tact. Webster defines it as: 1) sensitive mental or aesthetic perception and 2) a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense. When it comes to anything wedding-related, it seems that people loose all sense of the meanings of this word.

When a woman becomes engaged, she’s prepared to answer any number of off-putting questions, including, “Am I invited?” and “Who is going to be your maid of honor?” But it’s a whole other feeling to be asked, “How much are you spending?” or “How many people are you inviting?” I imagine it’s the same type of feeling – but much less awkward and intrusive – as being pregnant and having complete strangers reach out to touch your stomach without an invitation.

It is hard enough to keep a cool head as a bride through uncountable decisions, tasks and thank-you notes, but add to that the addition of people who cannot or will not think about the effects their tactless questions might have, and you have the makings of a bridezilla.

We have expanded our offerings this issue to make all of those decisions easier. In this magazine you’ll find articles on how to choose the best photographer; advice on how to handle those infuriating situations of tactlessness with aplomb; direction on the steps to take to make your marriage legal; transportation options; advice from wedding planners; beauty tips; timeline hints; and, as always, beautiful pictorials of wedding gowns, bridesmaids gowns, flowers, jewelry and gift options, among much more. We have even added editorial content on fun options for parties for when you need to blow off some steam before you blow up at someone.

My family is Southern and we have sayings that are passed down through generations, including one that my mother has always told me, “Pretty is as pretty does.”

There is no day so far in my life that I have wanted to look prettier than on my wedding day. So, to all of those “How much is your cake going to cost?” and “That’s nice, but at my wedding …” people – and to all of the brides in the New Orleans area struggling with these issues – I think we should take a collective breath, smile and politely thank them for their interest while thinking, “Bless your heart.”

– Morgan Packard

Special thanks to those who have worked so hard on this issue, especially its phenomenal art director Tiffani Reding, whose patience with editors is unparalleled.

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