At Ursuline Academy, Dr. Karen McNay is not only responsible for fostering the minds and spirits of young women, but she is also charged with maintaining a legacy of firsts. To Dr. McNay and the rest of the school’s passionate staff, it is not enough to have a prestigious history — their mission is to build a future that is just as bright.

“To succeed in tomorrow’s world, we believe girls must learn to think creatively, articulate their ideas confidently and compassionately, and solve problems collaboratively,” Dr. McNay said. “We develop tomorrow’s brightest independent thinkers, innovators and community builders.”

Those fearless leaders to pass through Ursuline include the first female law professor at Loyola University New Orleans, a U.S. Senator and a Fulbright Scholar who is now teaching English in Jordan. Through a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on STEM and the Arts as equal partners, Ursuline students receive a diverse, immersive educational experience that prepares them for life in a global society.

“Our girls will be ready,” McNay said.

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