Three years ago Ellie Thomas was no different from any other career-minded professional on the go in that too frequently, in her rush to get through the day, her health was taking a back seat.

“Lunch is sometimes not on your list of priorities, and that’s when you make bad decisions,” she says.

What makes Thomas different, however, is that at the age of only 26 she decided to do something about it. In June 2012, Thomas opened FRESH BAR on Magazine Street.

In a city packed full of incredible dining locations, Thomas’ FRESH BAR stands out as one of the few providing a wide variety of culinary offerings that are not only fast, but also healthy and flavorful.   

Celebrated for their wraps and salads – which offer more than 40 toppings and 12 homemade dressings – FRESH BAR has quickly gathered a loyal following, so much so that Thomas is already thinking about expanding into additional locations.

“I am always striving to offer something new to our customers to keep things ‘fresh,’ while also staying consistent with our product,” she says.

Responding to customer demand, FRESH BAR will add made-to-order juices to the menu this fall.

“My goal is to make sure that any man, woman or child with any dietary restriction or need can walk into FRESH BAR and find something that appeals to them on our menu,” she says.