Emilie Rhys

Owner & Artist, Scene by Rhys Art Gallery
Photo by Jeffery Johnston

You come from a family of artists; did you know you would become one yourself?
Yes. My parents divorced when I was a baby and I didn’t grow up around art, yet when I met my dad at age 20, I was already a serious self-taught artist.

Do you feel you’re following in your father’s footsteps? 
Absolutely; here in New Orleans there’s no question about it, and I welcome the comparisons. I gain strength from the legacy.

Of which of your pieces are you most proud? 
The ones with gouache applied in the studio. It is very tricky adding watermedia to an ink drawing, and to do so successfully is a triumph – akin to walking a tightrope and making it safely to the other side.

Which have been your most popular pieces? 
The gouaches of individuals or bands; anything created at Preservation Hall. People also love archival prints.

Is there anything in the gallery right now that you would like to tell us about? 
My large oil canvases are music-themed and include French Quarter rooftop views. Come and see them!

What makes your art special? 
My live music art is a unique view and way to experience the vibrant local scene.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 
We are approaching our one-year anniversary as a public art gallery, and are planning a weekend of events to celebrate: November 11-12.



Scene by Rhys Art Gallery
708 Toulouse St., Courtyard Entrance



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