Empowering Women through Philanthropy
JLNO CAF recipient Luke’s House

The Junior League of New Orleans’ goal to advance the wellbeing of women is a mission that unfolds on many fronts, including the financial support of sister organizations directly impacting women and the education of individual corporate female leaders.
JLNO is honored to announce the annual recipients of academic scholarships and Community Assistance Fund (CAF) grants. This year, the competition was more impressive than ever. JLNO’s CAF Committee faced the daunting task of evaluating 66 grant submissions.

“Quite a few noteworthy organizations receive funding to help directly impact a range of women,” says CAF Committee Co-Chair Amenah Falgoust. “The women who receive CAF funding stretch across all races, ethnicities and age groups — spreading the footprint of JLNO throughout the community.”

After exhaustive reviews and site visits, the CAF committee whittled the list of 66 applicants down to eight recipients.
“We focused on three areas: economic opportunity, family assistance and physical/mental health,” says CAF Committee Co-Chair Nicole Dawson. “We’re confident the organizations receiving JLNO grant money will be powerful forces that improve women’s lives.”



Luke’s House: $12,500
Luke’s House is a women’s clinic that primarily serves Latina women in need of gynecologic care, breast health and prevention of mother-to-child HIV/AIDs transmission.
JLNO’s CAF grant will pay for speculums, lab tests and supplies.

Mercy Endeavors: $10,500
This Irish Channel senior center focuses on low income individuals with an 82% female population. JLNO funds will provide breakfast and weekend food packs, as well activities such as yoga, painting, dance and financial literacy classes.

Girl Scouts Louisiana East: $7,110
JLNO’s financial support is helping the Girl Scouts in two ways. Part of the CAF grant will expand the existing Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program, which helps re-establish the family bond between an incarcerated mother and her daughter. JLNO’s funding will also allow the Girl Scouts to start a new troop at the New Orleans Women and Children’s Shelter. This troop will serve daughters of homeless families by offering meetings, skills, badge work, etc.

Operation Spark: $6,000
The high cost of childcare is a road block for many young mothers looking to educate themselves. JLNO is helping to alleviate this problem by providing childcare stipends to mothers accepted into Operation Spark’s 3-month coding school via their Immersion program. Over 90% of the people who graduate from the Immersion program find jobs with an annual salary of $60,000.

Odyssey House Louisiana: $5,000
Almost 300 women a month seek substance abuse help at Odyssey House, many of them opioid abusers who are homeless or recently released from incarceration. JLNO’s CAF grant will provide a welcome kit including toiletries and hygiene supplies to women in the Adult Residential Program.

Sexual Trauma Awareness: $3,000
STAR supports both youth and adult survivors of sexual trauma. JLNO’s financial support will provide rides for survivors in need of transportation to and from the hospital, STAR counseling services or other medical treatment.

Southern Rep Theater: $2,770
JLNO is funding four scholarships for low-income women to participate in this leading performing arts organization’s summer program, as well as two other scholarships to Southern Rep’s fall workshop series. JLNO’s logo will appear on the theater’s 2019 brochures and programs.

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners: $620
CAF funding will provide books to help female prisoners expand their educational opportunities via GED preparation, job skill development and literacy improvement. Initially, the grant will provide books to 40 prisoners, but materials will eventually be shared with other inmates.
The three women chosen to receive this year’s JLNO educational scholarships exemplify the definitions of dedication, perseverance and ambition. We can’t wait to see how our recipients better not only their own lives, but also the welfare of those around them, creating a more dynamic New Orleans.

JLNO Scholar – Tyniski Evans $5,000
Tyniski’s story is one of triumph overcoming hopelessness. Diagnosed with a mental disability and facing homelessness, she moved into Covenant House for two years. Inspired by the kindness surrounding her, she started dreaming about what she could become. Now, pursuing a degree in Social Work at Southern University at New Orleans with a current GPA of 4.0, and thanks to JLNO’s financial help, she is on track to complete her studies in 2021. She will be the first in her family to graduate from college and plans to work with children as a school counselor.

Huete Scholar – Tara Brown $5,500
The Huete Scholarship is allowing Tara, a cancer survivor and single mother of two, to resume pursuing her goals of bettering herself and her family. “In 2015, I had to stop working a job that I loved to face stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 38,” Tara says. “After approximately 13 surgeries, 10 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiation, I am ready to get back to a normal life. I want to show my kids to not take anything for granted. Take the time that you have and make something of yourself!” The Huete Scholarship will help Tara realize her dream of graduating from the Charity School of Nursing in 2020.

Huete Scholar – Gina Cousin $4,500
Gina is a single mom of three and a New Orleans Police Officer with 29 years of experience. She successfully put her two oldest children through college, then enrolled in Dillard University to obtain an associate’s degree in criminal justice. Gina dreams of earning her bachelor’s degree, but she put her educational goals on hold last semester to pay for her third child’s higher education. The Huete Scholarship means Gina can now return to the classroom and hopefully earn a degree that will allow her to advance up the ranks of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). “I have always felt this career would allow me to impact someone’s life in a positive way, and it has,” Gina says. “This scholarship will help me, as a female officer, to be a role model for other females that desire to advance within the NOPD.”

JLNO and community members can match the Huete family’s generosity by contributing to JLNO Scholarship Funds. Please contact Paige Morrison at 504-891-5845 x108 or at paige@jlno.org

Empowering Women through Philanthropy
JLNO CAF recipient Mercy Endeavors


Empowering Women through Philanthropy
Maria and David Huete presenting a Huete Scholar award to Tara Brown


Empowering Women through Philanthropy
JLNO CAF recipient Girl Scouts Louisiana East