Entertaining With Bev: Fish Faced

A picnic with a theme carried home

Fishing is one of my favorite things to do and City Park, right at Bayou St. John, is the perfect spot! You can have a picnic while you fish, complete with a decorated umbrella and tablecloth. Add fish glasses and plates, along with baguette sandwiches from La Madeleine, Boursin cheese, pita chips, fresh fruit and raspberry iced tea and you’re done! Be sure to use artificial bait and definitely catch and release.

Then bring everyone over that evening for an easy party at home. Begin with putting a cute fish on your door or shutters to carry on the theme. Luis Colmenares and I created a Dancing Diva large centerpiece to which I added sunflowers, orange full blown roses and metal fish. Platters of boiled shrimp corn and a special mayonnaise sauce are accented by an eggplant and roses and placed on the table in the garden. After guests enjoy margaritas, wine or iced tea, fry up small fish fillets, shrimp and eggplant. Keep the music going and have a leisurely dinner out by the pool!