Seasonal Simplicity
The holidays call for easy decorating and gift-wrapping ideas

Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are times when we go all out for decorating and gift giving! Why not make it easy and use items you can pick up at your local grocery store, art store and florist–and don’t forget about the greenery in your own backyard.

To help save you some time and money, here are some cute and inexpensive ways to dress up gifts and your home.

Entertaining With Bev1. A simple table gets a luscious look. Start by removing all of your collectables and draping a faux rose runner (or your favorite runner) on the table. Add ivy trees dotted with red and pink sweetheart roses. A candle surrounded by holly I found in the garden and highlighted by gerbera daisies tops the Celebration candleholder. The vases on the side are filled with Casablanca lilies, or could hold your favorite flower. Serve fruit or hors d’oeuvres on oyster plates.

Entertaining With Bev2. A romantic table is ablaze with votive candles. Party favors include the ornament on top of the napkin and the box full of homemade fudge.

Entertaining With Bev3. A fun idea for concealing a check, gift card, cash or a delicious confection: Buy a plain box and wrap with a red napkin. Tie with a beautiful bow or a cute tag. I found this box with the Christmas tree tag at Big Lots.

Entertaining With Bev4. To keep the sweetheart roses in the topiary looking fresh, buy waterpicks to place the roses in before you stick them into the trees. I found these roses at the grocery store for a dollar a stem.

Entertaining With Bev5. Votive candles add a pretty glow when placed in between the roses
in the runner.