We here at Haute Plates Small Machinery and Upscale Landscaping are looking forward to so many things. We are looking forward to eating a meal out and more particularly eating out in places with other people.

To that extent we are very happy to note that some restaurants are now requiring either a negative test or proof of vaccination before allowing patrons inside. Those restaurants are the ones that will get my business, but I don’t know whether that’s true for most people.

I come at this from several perspectives.

I don’t practice law anymore, but I can’t help but looking at things from that perspective and I wonder whether restaurants that don’t take things seriously are going to face consequences in the future. My guess is they won’t, but I wouldn’t take that chance as a business owner.

Then there’s the marketing aspect. Do you get more customers if you require a negative test or proof of vaccination or does that turn people off? Do the early adopters get more customers because they will attract people who want to dine out, but want to dine out safely?

And what is the market for restaurants that don’t require these things? How many of you would prefer to go to a restaurant that doesn’t require a negative test or proof of vaccination?

I am so tired of wearing a mask. I don’t know whether it is because I have a prominent nose or whether I am just doing something wrong, but my glasses fog up every time I put a mask on.

It is 2021 people! Why do we not have fog-proof masks/glasses? Is there not a robot or some sort of artificial intelligence that can solve this problem?

I am grateful to those restaurants that are going to require either a negative covid test or proof of vaccination. You can find a list at Eater. I don’t know how current that list is or how comprehensive, but you can always call a restaurant and ask if they have any safety protocols in place before you dine.

I recommend you do just that if you’re planning on dining inside. If that’s too much trouble and if you’re not vaccinated, I wish you all the luck in the world.I’m not eating out all that much these days, but if I do, you bet your ass I’m eating at a restaurant that’s taking the pandemic seriously.

What about you?