ERROL LABORDE: Good Morning, Mayor Nuniz

Ed Muniz will now be the only person to hold two different high ranking executive positions in two different cities. In Kenner he will be Mayor. In New Orleans he remains as Captain of Endymion. Granted, no mere Mayor can match the absolute power that comes with the Endymion Captaincy. Nevertheless, if he can bully the Kenner council the same he does New Orleans city officials on matters of when and where Endymion parades he may achieve a dictatorship,
Some thoughts about his election:
— It is not uncommon for candidates to qualify for office in the closing moments of qualifying, but rarely do the late-comers win. Their being late indicates that their heart was not really in the campaign and seldom do the last minute arrivals have adequate time left to raise campaign money. But Munz was different. He walked into the race with high name recognition, and personal wealth so that he could finance his campaign.. Muniz also had the advantage of facing two leading opponents who had been feuding with each other so that he could look like a man of peace by comparison. All that was uncertain was how badly Muniz wanted the job. Maybe he did not want it as badly as those who he defeated, but by giving Muniz a lop-sided victory, Kenner voters obviously wanted a change.
— What have term limitations brought? Just in case you’re keeping track: The Kenner Mayor’s office became vacant when incumbent Louis Congemi, who was term-limited, ran successfully for the parish council. Muniz, who was on the Jefferson council, became available when voters did not allow term limited council members to run for a different seat. For better or worse, term limits are making politics more of a chess game, so much so that in Kenner a Captain is now King.

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