With 60 years of history, Eustis Mortgage is a time-honored New Orleans area provider of home loans with a specialized, client-focused team of loan officers. The company was founded in 1956, when two determined loan officers decided the best way to provide service was to form a sustainable, long-term team that would benefit clients with its knowledge, experience, and dedication.

Today, this family owned and operated business is led by Kate deKay. According to Kate, the best part about being a longtime local and independent mortgage banker is the stories she hears from Louisiana residents who often share how they used Eustis to purchase their first home.

“Often there is specific reference to a loan officer they loved, and now I get to hear those stories about our officers represented in the Top Loan Officers,” she says. “Their tremendous knowledge and drive to help customers become homeowners puts a smile on my face because I know each of them is out there delivering that same happiness to our borrowers that was felt 60 years ago—they are the face and life of our company.”

Eustis Mortgage became a leader by empowering its employees, who help one another reach their full potential. The company welcomes innovation and sees itself as the driver of the change it wants to see in the world.

“For me, this isn’t just a rewarding career—it is my reason for getting up in the morning,” says Christine Corona. “Knowing that I’ve changed someone’s life in a profound way gives me more satisfaction and pride in my efforts than anything I can imagine.”

Working for a company that diligently supports her goals is rewarding for both her and for borrowers. According to her and her fellow loan officers, seeing new homeowners receive their keys at closing is a priceless, unforgettable moment. Seeing those borrowers return when they’re ready for a move, refinance, or investment property brings even more fulfilment to the job.

To Kimberly Gemperli, working at a local, multigenerational family company is the icing on the cake.

“Having a progressive, female CEO that is not only driven but also focused on family and a friendly workplace makes this better than any mortgage company I have worked for over my 20-year career in the industry,” says Kimberly.

Sunny Shannon has served borrowers, helping them financially change their lives, for 30 years as a loan officer at Eustis. She attributes that long-term success to the company’s being “full of heart and caring about its employees like family.”

Fast Fact:
At Eustis, it’s all about the customer. Lending is never just 9 to 5—its loan officers are always available and dedicated to helping you, whether that’s holding your hand every step of the way or quick text to keep you updated. Customers can choose a face-to-face approach, or use the company’s innovative technology that makes it possible to navigate the process completely digitally with constant communication. Eustis Mortgage only specializes in home loans, helping you buy or refinance in the most efficient and trouble-free way possible.

798 S Rampart, New Orleans