If you own something the least bit out of the ordinary – like a swimming pool, an exotic pet, a fancy car, or multiple bottles of fine adult beverages – you likely have been exposed to esoteric products specifically designed and manufactured by creative people who feel like you have more money than sense.

I leave that judgment to the marketers and your credit card limits.

So along those lines, here are a few items that may be of interest to you, but which you have likely lived quite satisfactorily without thus far.


Neat Spirits Tasting Glass

According to the gang at Neat Spirits Glass, the shape of a glass, the quality of the material in the glass, how the glass delivers the liquid to your palate and nose, all can affect, even enhance, your appreciation of what you are imbibing.

These truths are beyond discussion. There is valid scientific proof that humans receive more of the essence from a liquid if the vessel from which we drink is of a particular dimension and designed to deliver the liquid not just into our mouth but also allows us to receive a full blast of aromas into our noses.

Olfactory is far more important to us humans than “taste.”

So it follows that a good-size industry can be built around building glassware. It has indeed come to pass, with the Neat Spirits Glass is designed and manufactured with the intent to add to brown and white spirits enjoyment.    


Wine Condoms

I am really not certain how to approach this product or even the topic. But I guess if you are over 21, we are fine to discuss safe wine drinking.

We all know, or should know, that once a wine is opened, the air and other factors like temperature, begin to degrade the quality of the wine. Wine Condoms are of the familiar shape and they slip over the top of the bottle. One thing rings true here since pushing a cork back into the bottle is often a bigger challenge than just drinking the remaining contents of the bottle after you have determined you have reached your fill. Whether you will respect the wine in the morning is another topic entirely.

Wine condoms come in the familiar package, which can be stored in a wallet or purse. You know about this already, don’t you? The manufacturer claims, when the product is slipped over the neck of an open bottle that these helpers keep out a lot of air and other impurities. It is rumored that product degradation is slower.  

I don’t think we are talking about safe wine drinking necessarily, but if a wine condom can make the pleasure last a little longer, then that’s a good thing. Don’t you agree? Who knows, maybe you will get lucky and keep the wine in good order for an extended period of time so it does not become flabby and disappointing. What are you snickering at?


Strange wine and spirits bottle holders

Inevitably someone would develop something that holds a bottle of wine or spirits and the apparatus itself would not enhance the drinkable product and would itself be the star.

I’m of the persuasion that the liquid can tell a grand enough story without the distraction of toys. Then again, maybe I am not appreciative enough to give full credence to odd metal sculpture-like creations of fishermen, hunters, golfers, tennis players, runners, football players or other recreational paraphernalia involving only the holding of adult beverage bottles.


I do have a fine sense of humor, maybe even warped. Hell, I told you about the condoms, didn’t I? But I evidently don’t appreciate ersatz depictions of whatever activity interests the host or hostess rather than putting more effort and investment into the liquid. This on the surface seems like one of those situations where the re-gifting possibilities are immediately evident.

Then again, how else to explain fruit cakes, which are no doubt on an endless voyage from household to household?




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