Exit Strategy

Wedding planning may be all about “getting there” and throwing one memorable event once you do, but making a stunning exit can be just as important. From traditional modes of transportation, like luxury sedans and limos, to something with a bit of flair, like a trolley, here are a few ideas to make sure you make just as much of a splash saying farewell to your guests as you did saying “I do” to your significant other.

Easily the most iconic wedding vehicle on the market, a limousine exudes luxury and style all at once. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there’s typically a champagne bar to boot. Many couples choose to leave their reception in a limo for a reason, and that’s because the vehicle turns heads. Throw a few tin cans tied to string on the back as well as a “Just Married” sign for an added tradition that has helped launch the start of many happy endings. Limo Livery, 4333 Euphrosine St., 561-8777.

Rolls Royce
If rolling away in style sounds appealing, there are more iconic options besides the traditional limousine. Consider hiring an antique car, like a vintage Rolls Royce. Not only does the Rolls Royce exude a certain level of opulence that takes any bride and groom’s departure to the next level, but it also provides a cozy, intimate setting that other, larger vehicles might not have. Alert Transportation, 3 Westbank Expressway, 362-4145.

Motor Coach
For newlyweds, hopping in a wedding vehicle after all is said and done can be a special moment, but sometimes it’s nice to keep the party going with family and friends. After all, a special day doesn’t need to end when the clock strikes midnight. Motor coaches offer personalized services for large parties needing transportation between hotel, reception and back again. If climbing in a vehicle and driving off into the sunset seems outdated, consider taking the party to go with a motor coach. Louisiana Motor Coach, 3912 4th St., 343-1400.

Getting married in New Orleans means finding ways to add the city’s charm and distinct feel to your special day. One way to put a personal stamp on a New Orleans-style wedding is by hiring a trolley. Similar to a motor coach, trollies accommodate large parties (or small), but it’s their aesthetic that makes them stand out. Painted red, after the traditional Canal Streetcar line, trolleys will make sure any wedding party — no matter the size — arrives and leaves with a certain southern flair. Bonomolo Limousines, 1401 Lafitte Ave., 522-0892

Who doesn’t like feeling like Cinderella on their big day? For a more old-fashioned wedding vehicle, a carriage can turn any farewell into a fairytale moment. Typically offered in white, carriages are pulled by one mule and driven by a tuxedoed professional for that added touch of grace and charm. Whether getting brides to the church, or chauffeuring couples away from the party, a carriage offers the kind of ride that’s sure to be unforgettable. Royal Carriage, 700 Decatur St., 943-8820.




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