Kisha Williams and Ashley Merritt opened The MakeupLAB Artistry (843 Carondelet St.; in March 2009 and haven’t stopped since! The MakeupLAB is more than just a place to get makeup done; it’s about fun, education, creativity and their love of the art of makeup, and it was created to “offer services in all forms.” I asked them to share their objective in opening The MakeupLAB: “Our dream was to create an outlet that allows fellow makeup artists to share and provide services, knowledge, makeup tips and techniques to anyone who’s willing to learn.” The MakeupLAB provides workshops, makeup application and, my favorite, Makeup Mixers – think Girls Night Out with makeup and a photographer;
who needs paparazzi?

the women behind the makeup:
Kisha Williams is energetic, fashionable and fierce with a makeup brush. She has worked in print, fashion, bridal and TV, applying her makeup skills to some A-list talent, including Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot and Danity Kane. Her 12 years as a makeup artist, (10 of those with MAC Cosmetics) has led Kisha on a remarkable journey to her dream of owning her own makeup artistry studio.

Ashley Merritt is a trendsetter with an incredibly detailed eye. As an artist she finds reward in “making people beautiful,” and has worked with a gambit of famous faces such as recording artists Green Day. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Ashley finds magnificence in scary things. Her skill in makeup FX – meaning cuts, bruises, zombie makeup and burns – is Hollywood-worthy. (Her FX portfolio gave me chills!) Package all that talent into one witty lady and you have pure genius.

kisha & ashley’s favorite makeup tips:
 Invest in good brushes.

The proper tools save you a lot of time and effort for a flawless application.

 Blush is a great asset to makeup. It gives you just a little color and makes you glow. Just add a touch of color on your cheeks and it instantly makes you smile.

 Apply concealer after foundation. Let the foundation cover and even out skin tone first. Then conceal unwanted spots or dark circles afterwards. You will use less product and have a more natural appearance to your skin.

 To perfect eye shadow, apply an eye shadow primer to ensure a truer color. Primer promotes longevity and helps prevent creasing. Kisha’s absolute favorite is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

 Sometimes less is more. Depending on your style, “You look great” may be a better compliment than “Your makeup looks good.” You don’t have to wear a ton of makeup if you don’t feel it suits you or your daily life.

It is OK to only spend 5-10 minutes on your face if you use your time wisely.