At Ursuline Academy, educators believe that true learning doesn’t just happen in the confines of a single classroom: it happens when students are empowered to collaborate, innovate and raise each other up.

In this all-girls environment, students are encouraged to challenge each other and explore outside their comfort zones, effectively expanding what they’re capable of achieving. Girls from all backgrounds, beliefs and talents form a sisterhood where practical knowledge is applied across all grade levels from Toddler 1 to 12th grade. Lower, middle and high school students frequently come together to discuss complex concepts like history, literature, rhetoric, entrepreneurism and more.

Ursuline’s highly interactive approach means that students are introduced to STEM and the arts at both the foundational and conceptual levels, allowing them to trace the evolution of thoughts and ideas through their entire educational career. Even better, the alignment of its upper and lower divisions allows middle schoolers who move at an accelerated pace to immediately take advantage of higher-level curriculum.

Diverse by design, the Ursuline experience fuels every girl’s success in a nurturing community like no other.

Ursuline Academy //2635 State St., New Orleans // 504.861.9150 //

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