Following law school at Loyola University New Orleans, Corey Fitzpatrick started his career defending employers against workers’ compensation claims. After handling many claims on behalf of employers, Corey decided to become an advocate for injured workers.

Since then, Corey has represented over 1,500 injured workers and helped establish Workers’ Compensation, LLC as one of Louisiana’s leading workers’ compensation firms.

“Although I possess an extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law, I attribute most of my success to my ability to connect and communicate with people from many different backgrounds,” says Corey.

Founded in 2004, Workers’ Compensation, LLC has grown to include five partners, including Corey, and is known as the go-to resource for people who are injured at work or looking to file for Social Security Disability benefits.

In addition to his work, Corey gives presentations on workers’ compensation law and has taught skills courses on the subject at Loyola Law School. The firm will soon publish a book entitled  9 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Workers’ Compensation Claim and How to Avoid Making Them.  //  877-COMPMAN (266-7626)  //  3045 Ridgelake Dr., 2nd floor, Metairie


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