With all the new changes with our magazine, I thought it would be fun to give a new look to one of favorite readers. I know it seems a typical January theme, but aren’t we all hoping for just a little bit of improvement every year – why else would we make all those New Year resolutions? With this thought, I enlisted one of my esteemed and respected colleagues, famed makeup artist Robert Hudson, to show a little makeup glamour.

The artist: Robert Hudson has been a makeup artist since the 1970s and “can’t imagine doing anything else.” Having been honored with 29 national awards for his work, Hudson can list some of the most famous celebrity faces as his clients. Though he loves to work at photo shoots, his passion is working with the general
public because they, “have a great appreciation for beauty, you can just see it in their faces when the makeup is done – they can’t believe that they can look like that.” He carries different products that have “cult” status among those who work within the makeup artistry field. Yet he doesn’t want to be known as a makeup store.

“I am a makeup artist who does private appointments, lessons and brows.” To meet Robert Hudson is to love him; he’s witty, talented and charming. You will find him inside of Profile Salon. His studio is a small, intimate space – warm, slightly funky and very relaxed.

The client: Rebecca Shultz is the events coordinator for Longue Vue House and Gardens. She doesn’t like the way her skin looks under her eyes (who does?), she doesn’t want to look “overdone” and time plays a big factor in her daily makeup routine. Her job is fast-paced and in a time crunch, makeup isn’t a priority.
Hudson was a perfect choice for Shultz. His style is soft and clean – he knows all the tricks to add the “polish” that only a trained hand can give.

Moisture: Hudson started by applying moisturizer with a foundation brush (BillyB No. 2). Using a brush keeps hands off the face – usage of hands can lead to skin problems. Next, Hudson took a concealer brush (No. 5) and applied Keromask in “Light” under and over Shultz’s eye area. He explains, “A smaller brush gives
you tighter placement and better control.” Keromask is the finest concealer with an unbelievable finish and waterproof coverage without heaviness. It also has a
de-puffing agent that helps to erase swelling from the eye area as well
as elsewhere on the skin.

Eyebrows: Using a light brown shadow with an angled brush (No. 11) to “really get the color behind the hair” he applied color to her brows. Shultz has great brows, so Hudson perfected the overall shape to “lift” her eye area. The secret to brows that don’t look painted on: always groom after applying color to the brow; Hudson uses the Lash and Brow Groomer from BillyB.

Eyes: Shultz was really open to color and allowed Hudson to select shadow colors and application. He started with a soft peachy color on the lid (MAC’s “Jest”) then applied a mix of the peach shadow with a touch of white shadow (Longcils Shadow) just under the brows (No. 6 brush).

To add shape to Shultz’s eyes, Hudson used a dark brown shadow and shaded the outer corner, applying the color a bit stronger at the lash-line (No. 8 brush).
With the same dark brown shadow, Hudson used an angled liner brush (No. 12 brush) to “blot” shadow along the top and bottom lashes. This, he explains, fills in the space between the hairs to give a fuller-looking lash.

To do add final definition to Shultz’s eyes, Hudson applied Longcils Blue-Black shadow as a wet liner along the top lashline (No. 10 brush).

Hudson will tell you “Always, always curl the lashes.” It takes an eye that’s turning down and lifts it back up. BillyB’s lash curler is truly the best; it has a round (not squared), rubber lining that gives a natural-looking curl with no pinching!

Eyelashes: LongcilsUltra Triple Function Mascara – created for Marilyn Monroe! It adds small fibers to lengthen and thicken, and it self-curls and is water-resistant. Hudson swears by the mascara and says, “I have never used anything like it. One coat of this looks like multiple coats of most mascaras.”

To really make Shultz’s eyes pop, he added individual faux lashes to the outer half of the eye, “adding lift and more glamour to a soft look.” The faux lashes completely blend into your own without being obvious. Hudson uses only Eyemimo lashes – they make all the faux lashes for the world’s top makeup lines and solely for the professional makeup artists. (See we pro’s do know some secrets!)
Face: Shultz has stunning skin, so keeping with her desire for a simple routine, Hudson powdered her skin with Keromask Loose colorless powder – it’s waterproof, and absorbs oil and water.

Rather than traditional blush, Hudson used Longcils Bronzer. For Shultz, he applied under her cheekbones, on the “apple” of the cheek, above the eyebrows and under the jaw-line. Also down the sides of the nose. It gave her skin a warm, natural healthy glow.

Lips: Using a Lip Brush, he finished Shultz’s look with Rosebud Salve on the lips, with MAC Hover pencil and Longcils Lipstick in Spiced Red. For a soft shine, he applied Longcils Lipgloss in brown with pink shimmer.

Brushes: BillyB is one of the top makeup artists in the world – if you’ve seen a high-fashion magazine, then you’ve seen his work. So when it comes to makeup brushes, who better to make the most amazing brushes than the top editorial makeup artist on the planet? Hudson shares, “If you want your makeup to like a pro did it, use the tools a pro would use.”

Shultz looked and felt fabulous. She loved everything, especially the Keromask and the LongcilsUltra mascara. She told Hudson that if she won the Powerball Lottery, she would want to do this everyday – he assured her that he didn’t charge quite that much!

In conclusion, Hudson shares, “If you’re only going to do a minimal makeup, then all the more important for each product to be the exact right color and texture. This is an old cliché, but it’s true: “Wear your makeup, don’t let it wear you.”