Farewell Jimmy

I love football. I love college football and, specifically, I love Ohio State football. Growing up in Columbus, the Buckeyes were always much more important than any professional football team. Plus, the Browns and the Bengals? Meh.

When I moved to New Orleans, that all changed. I started to love professional football. I became a Saints fan.

I am, however, still an Ohio State fan – we are National Champions. We beat Alabama. We beat Oregon. And I will never not remind my husband of that fact (he's an S.E.C. guy).
Since I've been teasing him about the Buckeyes going all the way, he was all too happy to announce to me that the Saints had traded Jimmy Graham to Seattle. I died a little inside. I died.

Now, I have loved football, but I have never fangirled over a football player. Ever. That is until Jimmy Graham.

There might have been a moment when former-Buckeye and Saints player Malcolm Jenkins, gave me a few butterflies, but I think that was due to his love of bow ties. Seriously, he created a line of bow ties and t's adorable. However, he's an Eagle now and that was my first Saints heartbreak. Thanks a lot, Saints.

But Jimmy? I am devastated. I cried. I legit teared-up when I read my husband's text.

I admit to not being the type of football fan that my husband is. I don't hold imaginary conversations with the anchors on Sports Center. I can hold a conversation about the games and players, but I don't have stats memorized and I don't study the plays or things of that nature, and I don't know the intricacies of why the Saints traded him. Quite frankly, I don't care. All I know, is that the Saints traded a guy that JUMPED OVER A DUDE like he was Captain America. 




I just feel like that's a guy worth keeping. I mean, WHO DOES THAT?

And that poor little girl, Lexia, Jimmy's biggest fangirl—everyone in New Orleans watched that video of her breaking down at the news. I was viewing it from my computer like, "I feel ya, girl!" It made me tear up all over again.

And you know what? Jimmy Graham called her, reached out to her, offered to fly her to Seattle for their first game. My heart melted, you guys, into a pile of goo.

He's my football Disney prince.

I'm going to make a confession that is actually kind of embarrassing, but I don't care anymore, because Jimmy is worth it. Hear that Saints? Jimmy is worth it!

So this is how much I fangirled over Jimmy Graham.

I made a painting of him.

Don't laugh.

Farewell Jimmy

That's my Jimmy/Anakin Skywalker mash-up. He's a Jedi.

I told you not to laugh.

Farewell, my ginger-haired football Jedi, Disney prince. I might have to start watching Seattle games.



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