Kids Fashion and Fun in the Sun

When talk around the office watercooler turns into who almost fainted at the Jazz Fest last weekend, you know it’s officially hot! Every year, seemingly out of nowhere (but actually right on schedule) we all begin discussing our latest heat-related mishaps. The rising temperatures have us visually sweating at a social gatherings, burning to a crisp watching our kids play baseball and sipping on watery coffee that was iced coffee 5 minutes before. And if you have kids, they begin wanting to sit inside on weekends or hit the pool whenever humanly possible.

The bright side of this is that pool attire and accessories for kids just keeps getting cuter and more functional. So many kids’ brands are incorporating quick dry fabrics, UPF sun protection and adorable-yet-practical ways to have fun in the sun! New Orleans has some of the best children’s boutiques in the south. You do not want to miss the cuteness that is children’s swim wear and accessories this season!

Here are some of our top picks for your little fishies. 

Kids Fashion and Fun in the Sun


Dockbay Towel Set, Banbury Cross

Pink Snorkel, Maisonette shop

Scrunch Flyer Toy, Little Pnuts

Two Piece Swimsuit, Banbury Cross

Cake Pop Goggles, Mignon

Parisian Swimsuit, Mignon

One Shoulder Swimsuit, Mignon

One Piece, Maisonette Shop 

Kids Fashion and Fun in the Sun


Board Short and Rash Guard, Mignon

Goggles, Banbury Cross

Board Short and Rash Guard, Juju’s 

Paddle, Little Pnuts

Swim Shorts, Banbury Cross

Floatie Speaker, Little Miss Muffin 

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